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Best 5 sell gift cards instantly online stores 2023

 - Best 5 sell gift cards instantly online stores 2023

Gift cards are a great gift if they are for a store that you love to shop at. However, gift cards can be a waste of money when they are for stores you don’t have access to or don’t like to shop at.

If you are in possession of a large number of unwanted gift cards that you would like to sell for cash online, then you can do this.

You have come to the right place if you are looking to sell gift cards online.

How to Sell Gift Cards Online for Cash

Selling gift cards isn’t as hard as you may think, it only requires that you find a good site that allows you to sell gift cards electronically, which is not hard to find. Selling gift cards isn’t as hard as you might think.

Your gift card can be sold once you find your site.

There is no guarantee that you will get the full value of the gift card, but it is still better than letting the gift card go completely to waste.

Best 5 sell gift cards instantly online stores 2023

1, Giftngpay


The Giftpay team is composed of professionals who specialize in the recycling of gift cards and are dedicated to recycling them in the most effective and efficient way possible. They combine the most scientific methods for handling transactions with the most professional approach so as to create the best price for the gift card transactions and to provide the best platform for doing so.

The purpose of Ginngpay is to create the simplest, safest, and most secure trading platform in Africa so that all customers in need can create a Google trading experience. The goal isn’t to increase profits, but rather to develop Africa.

2, Giftcash


The Gift Cash website is one of the few gift card exchange websites that pays you in cryptocurrency for selling gift cards.

There have been millions of dollars paid out by this company since it was founded in 2017, and hundreds of retailers have been supported as a result.

Buying gift cards is a straightforward process which is made easier by the fact that there are only three steps involved.

There are a number of gift cards available through Gift Cash that have a good cash value as well, but certain gift cards retain their value better than others.

The catch to using Gift Cash is that they will only buy gift cards with a balance of $25 or more. If you want to sell physical cards, you will also need a card reader.

3, Cardncash


The best place to exchange gift cards for cash or bitcoins may be CardnCash. As long as you provide them with a valid gift card, you will be able to do so without losing the gift card. Furthermore, they have a safe platform where your cards are not used during the process of transferring funds. They not only provide the best rates, but they also offer a safe platform where your credit cards are not used.

The CardnCash application allows you to sell gift cards in a variety of currencies and to get paid instantly for them. There is no doubt that this application is one of the most popular Android apps in Nigeria for the sale of gift cards, thanks to its easy-to-use interface, excellent customer service, and comprehensive support system. The iOS application is currently being developed.

4, Cardyard


The Cardyard is an online e-commerce platform whereby people are able to release the value in their gift cards by converting them into cash or gift cards, and then selling those gift cards at a discounted price through the services it offers.

5, Gameflip


You can sell any unused, prepaid, or non-reloadable gift cards on Gameflip, the easiest way to make cash by selling unwanted gift cards. Popular gift cards you can sell on Gameflip include Steam cards, PSN cards, Xbox Live cards, Amazon gift cards, iTunes gift cards, and Google Play gift cards.

Thousands of buyers are expected to visit the marketplace in order to buy your gift card. You can sell gift cards quickly by setting a price that is between 2% and 15% off the original price. Depending on how popular your gift cards are, you may need to adjust the asking price to attract buyers.

It is quite easy to list your gift cards on their website or their free mobile app. For the fastest and smoothest transaction, they recommend using auto-delivery. Once the buyer receives your git card code, redeems the git card, and completes the transaction with a rating, the proceeds will be immediately deposited into your Gameflip wallet. The proceeds can be withdrawn at any time.

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