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Best 5 Electric Scooter Suppliers 2023

 - Best 5 Electric Scooter Suppliers 2023

Electric scooters are usually practical, easy to use, and fold into a compact package that makes them easy to carry around. Although I believe that electric scooters are the best last-mile solution, the market has changed quite a bit in the past few years – many new companies are dipping their toes into the waters, so there are now a lot more practical adult-sized scooters than ever before on the market. The technology is also improving as it becomes more widespread, giving you a much smoother experience as it gets more widespread.

In addition, let’s be honest, tech gimmicks or not, the fact that you can ride an electric scooter that can rocket along at 15 miles per hour is a pleasure that most people can appreciate in my opinion.

In the process of choosing the right electric scooter for your needs, it is easy to think that they all look the same, but this is not the case. While there are some similarities in the design of the scooters, they have significant differences in terms of top speed, mileage, charging time, weight, maximum load, and even features such as water resistance and security that make them very different from each other.

Below are the best 5 Electric Scooter Suppliers 2023

1, Dofabike


With many years of experience manufacturing electric motorcycles, e-mopeds, and tricycles for well-known and international brands, Dofabike has become one of the leading manufacturers of electric wheelers from Wuxi, China.

They have designated inspectors who inspect every stage of production thoroughly. Our inspection workshop is equipped with assembly testing systems, engine testing systems, front fork verticality testing systems, shock absorption testing systems, vibration testing systems, battery charging and discharging systems, and other testing equipment.

The company strives to become a leader in the e-mobility industry by implementing testing procedures that comply with ISO9001 standards.

2, Mac International Co., Ltd.


In addition to manufacturing and exporting electric scooters, electric motorcycles, electric bikes, electric tricycles, and various types of electric powered transportation equipment, MacEV is also a professional in the field of exporting electric vehicles. Approximately 55 countries and regions are shipped by MacEV each year.

Client opinions and viewpoints are valued at the company, so they are able to offer tailored plots based on the customer’s specific needs, as well as marketing advice based on their extensive knowledge.

3, Zhejiang Fengcheng E-Bike Co., Ltd.


Founded in 2004, Feng Cheng E-bike Co.,Ltd is known as one of the leading electric scooter and motorcycle manufacturers in the Zhejiang province of China. Established in 2004, Feng Cheng E-bike Co.,Ltd has established itself as a professional manufacturer of electric scooters and motorcycles. It is their goal to offer a wide range of products in their product line, from citycoco Harley scooters to electric motorcycles that reach incredible speeds of 120 km/h, and electric bikes that are inspected for quality and good management and are well known throughout the world, including Canada, the USA, Europe, Belgium, and Spain. They have four models that have been certified by the EEC (COC, Emark) in order to be approved.

4, Xiamen 3plus Technology Co., Ltd.


Besides electric scooters, citycoco scooters, electric motorcycles, and electric tricycles, they are a professional team that has competitive advantages. Advantages: It has a 7,000 square meter factory, with 20 employees and five technicians. In addition to CE certifications, 3plus holds EU Dot certifications as well. Their products are custom-designed OEM and OBM products. They have grown from a small factory with a turnover of USD100, 000 to over USD5,0000,000, exporting to Europe, Russia, Spain, Sweden, France, Germany, Peru. Matched MSDS, KC, UN 38.3 for exporting assurance. Inquiries are usually answered within 48 hours. Our product is widely recognized throughout the world for its stylish model designs and excellent quality. We have a warehouse in Europe to provide export assurance. They have a strict inspection process before packing. They have their own battery factory and all cells are tested by professional machines. Shipping from the Budapest and Holland warehouses takes 7-15 days.

5, Wuxi Tenghui Electric Vehicles Co. , Ltd.


Electric vehicles are produced, manufactured, and sold by the company in Wuxi, and it is a modern technology company. It has a high reputation in the industry because of its advanced production equipment, strong technical force, excellent development capabilities, complete testing capabilities, and excellent customer service. They provide OEM and ODM services. Professional designers can meet your needs.

Using ISO9001:2000 international quality system standards, the company manufactures electric vehicles. The company offers five series, over 40 styles, and complete product systems in high, medium, and low-ends. It is a popular product at home and abroad because of its unique marketing model and reasonable price. Some models are certified by the European Commission.

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