Why Should Manufacturers Rely on Metal Stamping China for Parts?

 - Why Should Manufacturers Rely on Metal Stamping China for Parts?

China has grown phenomenally over the past few decades and is one of the largest manufacturing hubs in the world. Since manufacturing has taken an independent turn in this country it is obvious that all kinds of parts are easily gotten at cheaper rates than elsewhere in the international market. Tenral the leading Chinese stamping parts manufacturer is way ahead of its peers in the area of design and innovative stamping methods. Several manufacturers of equipment, automotive, electronics, lighting and Fittings, healthcare, agriculture, aerospace, telecommunication, defense, etc, rely on Tenral for their high-quality parts. Again, some of these manufacturers are from Europe and the USA. Stamping which involves placing the flat sheet in coil or blank form is placed into a stamping press.

The desired shape is formed with the use of tools and dies methodically. The metal that is formed goes into one or more techniques according to the needs of the client. The techniques include punching, bending, blanking, embossing, flanging, coining, etc. and if you have confusion over this you may contact a reputed stamping parts company in China online.

 - Why Should Manufacturers Rely on Metal Stamping China for Parts?

Error-Free Metal Stamping

You will find that metal stamping is cost-effective if you outsource your metal parts from outside your home country preferably to China. If you get the design right without much fuzz then half your work is done and this means cutting down your cost. However, it is generally seen that the initial design can be complex and time consuming and therefore there is room for mistakes.

It is here that companies like Tenral have a skilled workforce and use the latest technology for their work. When it comes to designing they use tools like CAD/CAM engineering technology. It is seen that a single tool 3D model may contain within it hundreds of parts. And it is here that experience counts more than anything else.

If you get the designing done in the initial stage itself, you are likely to gain goodwill and your stamping parts company will have a flow of orders from other parts of the world. The way is carried out in metal stamping China is a great disciplinary process and the skilled labor hardly stops till their work is completed.

The company has established several tests and checks while the work is carried out and depending upon the preferences of the clients different kinds of metals are used in the process. The company may use standard materials like cold-rolled steel, hot-rolled steel, aluminum, galvanized steel, stainless steel, brass, etc.


Checks, Quality Inspection and Tests

All parts are manufactured under tough checks, quality inspections, and tests so that the ultimate product is done with precision and perfection. Each product is taken seriously by the employees entrusted with it and therefore the top priority is producing high-quality products for the customers.

Again, each manufacturing process is documented and videos are taken so that they can be used for future reference. It includes aluminum stamping and other stamping works with high risks and room for error. However, at Tenral such work is carried out without any hassles and also at lower cost.

The quality control team diligently follows the ISO and IAFT quality requirements and therefore clients from abroad needn’t have any apprehension about it. The company also follows the international rule on intellectual property rights and therefore doesn’t allow plagiarism or counterfeiting.

Lastly, the company delivers the products only after prior customer approval.

High Caliber Precision Parts

Chinese companies are well-known for making high-caliber precision parts for manufacturers in other countries. It means that they use the most technologically advanced machines and applications. For this special lubricants have to be used so that the work doesn’t generate friction and protects the metal parts. The lubricants are polymer-based, synthetic or oil-free, and non-oil-free lubricants. The companies also make use of sheet metal simulation which is a specific technology that can predict defects including splits, spring-back, material thinning, and wrinkles.

The simulation is carried out in a virtual environment and hence the skilled technical staff get to know in advance if their plan is foolproof or not.

 - Why Should Manufacturers Rely on Metal Stamping China for Parts?


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