Add Functionality To Your Kitchen With The Deck Mount Two Handle Faucet

 - Add Functionality To Your Kitchen With The Deck Mount Two Handle Faucet

I spend a good deal of time in my kitchen and need my faucets to work fine. I recently had to purchase a kitchen sink faucet as the old one stopped working.

After a lot of searching, I found a site called Plumbtech, and trust me they have an excellent faucet collection for every kitchen style.

You may find different China faucet manufacturers on the internet, but I guarantee Plumbtech is the best of them all. They specialize in all sorts of kitchen and bathroom fixtures and have a lovely collection to choose from.

 - Add Functionality To Your Kitchen With The Deck Mount Two Handle FaucetI got the deck mount two-handle kitchen sink faucet from the site, and I am so much in love with it. I have shared the faucet details in the review below.


The Deck Mount bridge-kitchen-faucet.html is an amazing faucet for modern kitchens. In case, you are willing to purchase this model for your kitchen, let me brief you on all the features.

Chrome-plated ABS Plastic Construction

This Deck Mount two-handle faucet is made with the highest-grade chrome-plated ABS plastic that ensures durability. While it may cost a little more than regular faucets, it guarantees longevity. A faucet like this one can easily outlast cheap kitchen faucets.

Brass Handle

I liked they included a brass handle and a 35mm ceramic cartridge for more convenience. This makes operating the faucet so much easier, especially when you are in a rush.

Easy Installation

Not just the design, but the faucet is also easy to install. It is particularly designed for deck mount installation and doesn’t require a lot of effort to get it done. I found the installation process to be easy and much less time-consuming. You can set up this faucet anywhere in your kitchen in no time.

Chrome Finish

Another thing that I very much liked about this faucet is the chrome finish. It makes the faucet look so much more elegant and beautiful. Not to mention, it enhances your kitchen’s overall appeal.

10-years Warranty

It is not likely for a China faucet factory to provide a 10-year warranty, but this one does. This shows the company’s confidence level in the durability and quality of its products. Plus, you can purchase it with no worries.

 - Add Functionality To Your Kitchen With The Deck Mount Two Handle FaucetWhat Did I Like?

There’s nothing about this faucet I didn’t like. I love the two-handle design, chrome finish, and the 10-year warranty that comes with it. Without a doubt, it’s a steal deal, and so you should hurry to get it for your kitchen. It adds both beauty and functionality to your kitchen.

What Could Be Improved?

The faucet no doubt looks great, but the description lacks clarity. The manufacturers have not mentioned anything about water conservation features or specific technologies. Apart from this small inconvenience, everything else about this faucet seems fine.

Would I Recommend It?

The Deck Mount two-handle faucet can be a great purchase for your kitchen. With a brass handle and easy operation, this faucet will surely make working in the kitchen more convenient. Given the faucet’s design and finish, it makes an ideal choice for modern kitchens.

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