Why Golf cart battery should contain Lithium-Ion?

 - Why Golf cart battery should contain Lithium-Ion?

Golf carts are used as an essential means to transport plenty of people at a time. These vehicles use lead-acid, deep-cycle batteries for a very long time now. Nowadays, golf course managers use lithium-ion units since it offers numerous advantages when compared to other battery types available in the market. There are several reasons why you should use 12v lithium ion battery for your golf cart.

Reasons to use lithium-ion-based Golf cart battery

  • Charging: Time required charging fully any regular lead acid battery is likely to impact significantly golf cart availability. This is again based on size of the fleet. Lead acid batteries on an average require around 8 hours ensuring full charge, which is indeed a very long time as well as consumption of energy. On the other hand, the lithium-ion unit is likely to be charged by 80% within 60 minutes time. Hence, golf carts are likely to have less downtime using this type of battery. Moreover, there is no need to invest in huge number of carts, thereby saving on investments and regular maintenance of the vehicles. Lithium types, unlike regular batteries are not prone to damage even if it is not recharged to full capacity.
  • Weight: One major aspect that favors using Portable Power Station for the golf cart is its weight. Lithium batteries are known to weigh just a fraction when compared to lead acid units. Hence, they have a better edge over other available alternatives. This way, the cart will be able to accommodate large number of people at a time, thereby carrying more stuff to various locations at much faster speed. Also, no negative impact will be experienced on its overall performance. Similarly, those carts that are lead acid battery powered face a tough time trying to climb steep places and hills. Lithium batteries, in contrast, do not experience such problems. Therefore, more golfers can be transported effortlessly in short time period to the golf course.
  • Longer cycle life: Lifepo4 Battery is designed to last for a long time when compared to other battery types. These units, on an average, offer discharge/charge cycle to about 5,000. Traditional units, by contrast are found to become useless after completing only 1,000 cycles. Thus, with time, it can save precious time and resources. Although, lithium-based batteries are expensive, they are worth investment made. Also, there is no need to check repeatedly the battery’s acid levels. You should consider buying lithium-based batteries for your golf cart only from reputed portals like
 - Why Golf cart battery should contain Lithium-Ion?
  • Zero maintenance: Conventional lead acid batteries do require regular maintenance and involves lots of time. Golfers are likely to experience downtime for hours until maintenance work is completed. But maintenance is not required for lithium-ion batteries. Hence, maintenance tools or products are not required. Such units are not acid filled. Hence, you don’t have to bother about hazardous spills.
  • Enhanced technology: lithium battery 12v 100ah features inbuilt BMS (Battery Management System). Its role is to ensure that the units do not get over-charged or over-depleted by accident.

Therefore, going through the above reasons will allow you to make a wise investment.

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