The Best Reasons for Buying Wire Drawing Dies

 - The Best Reasons for Buying Wire Drawing Dies

Wire drawing dies are used by many metal wire manufacturers to make wires. The applications of metal wire dies are numerous. They can be used to draw straight, difficult-to-machine items like pipes, wires, and bars. They can also be used to draw metal or alloy materials like steel, copper, and even tungsten. A carbide wire-drawing tool can cost twice as much as a wire drawing. This is why it is crucial to find ways to decrease the wire’s consumption and extend its lifetime. This issue will be addressed today. Draw wire before you treat it.

Surface pretreatment

Make sure to clean any wires with impurities or a dirty surface before drawing. Acidification is required for wires with a lot oxygen scale. Before they can be drawn, they should be polished with a grinder.

Heat treatment

It is best to temper oranneal wires first if they have uneven hardness. After the wire has maintained its uniform hardness, it is possible to draw the wire.

Draw on a drawing surface that is properly shrinkaged

Cemented carbide is used in these wire drawing tools. It has the property of being both hardy as well as brittle. They are easily broken if used for large-area shrinkage.

According to the wire’s mechanical properties, it is important to choose the appropriate area shrinkage.

Drawing stainless steel wire using tungsten caride wire guides dies is not recommended. The single-pass surface shrinkage should not exceed 20 percent

Use lubricants which have high lubricating characteristics

The life expectancy and quality of the lubricant, the wire drawing powder, as well as the supply of Diamond Dancing Dies oils, all impact the life expectancy. The lubricant should have a stable oil base that is resistant to oxidation and provide excellent cooling, cleaning, as well as maintaining the highest lubrication level throughout production.

It is important to monitor oil condition during the whole process. You should immediately remove any discoloration or metal powder that has become visible. This will prevent oil’s lubricating characteristics from being affected by oxidation, small particles, and other contaminants. For drawing dies, it is important to maintain and repair them regularly.

The die wall for wire drawing TC-dies can be subject to erosion and friction. This can cause abrasion. Most common is the dent or circular groove at the wire entry. For more info about pcd wire drawing dies, Visit our website:

 - The Best Reasons for Buying Wire Drawing Dies

It is vital to replace the groove within the appropriate time. It is more difficult to repair if the ring groove expands rapidly. Cracks could develop in deeper areas of the ring groove. This could cause mold cracks and need to be discarded.

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