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What Are The Benefits of Rowing Machines for Health & Fitness

Rowing-for-health-fitness-777x437 - What Are The Benefits of Rowing Machines for Health & Fitness

Like all the exercising machines that you find in the gym, you will see that rowing machines have developed over time. They are now one of the most popular fitness machines you will find in the gym. The rowing machine is a modeled like a boat where you need to drive your boats through the water with paddles. There are four positions that you are introduced to when you do the rowing machine exercise. They have been described in brief below-

The four positions of the rowing machine

Fitness experts in Trampoline Park state that the first position in the rowing machine is called the catch. This is the position where you start. Here, you bend your knees, arms and shoulders. They should be relaxed in front of the knees and the hands should grip at the handles of the paddle. Your back should be tall and upright.

The next position is called the drive. This is the powerful movement that propels the boat towards the finishing line. You press forward with the bottom of your feet and extend your knees. The core helps you to level the body backwards. Once the knees are straight, the backward movement begins where you pull in the handles towards your chest.

The third position is called finish. Here the fists are at the chest and the torso is leaned slightly back. The legs are extended fully. The stroke is forward and it is here that you release its resistance.

The last position is called recovery where you come back to the starting position with no or little resistance.

Know the many benefits of the rowing machines for your health

Fitness experts from state that rowing machines have many benefits. These machines can improve your cardiovascular health. The heart rate and the pace of your breath increases. When you exercise on the rowing machine, you will find that it improves the heart and the lung health. The muscle groups in your body are worked up.  This results in more blood being pumped into your muscles. Both energy and nutrients are delivered to the muscles and waste byproducts are washed away. These waste products include lactic acid and carbon dioxide.

Improve muscular strength and stamina with success

The rowing machine also helps you to improve strength and endurance. The exercise here helps you to improve both muscular strength and endurance. This improves both your health and fitness levels. It is also a low impact exercise and can be performed by people who are in the older fitness age. There are some gyms where there are many rowing machines and the exercise can be performed individually or in a group.

You can also buy the rowing machine at home!

The best part is that the rower machine is so convenient to buy and store that you can keep it at home in case you do not have the time to regularly go to the gym. In this way, you can keep in shape and stay fit as well.

Author bio: Linda Byran is a health professional and fitness expert from She helps women stay fit and healthy with customized workout plans for their individual health needs.

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