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4 Important Things to keep in Mind for Becoming a DBA Consultant

DBA Consultant - 4 Important Things to keep in Mind for Becoming a DBA Consultant

Choosing the career of a Oracle DBA expert is not a matter of joke. There are many hurdles and difficulties to face. In this regard, you must remember that Oracle databases are complicated to the core. They support mission critical systems. The DBA who will be responsible for handling such a database needs to possess an extensive knowledge about the system.

Here are a few essential points for those who want to become DBA experts.

# Excellent communication skills

A professional DBA handling Oracle database must possess outstanding communication skills. These experts need to interact with end-users on a regular basis. Unless their communication level is appropriate, scenarios can get horribly wrong. It is necessary for the DBA expert to communicate clearly, in regard to oral, as well as, written matter.

# The appropriate educational degree

If you want to become an Oracle DBA consultant, it is necessary to acquire the appropriate degree. You must have the advanced degrees in the field of business administration. Also, you need to undergo professional DBA certification from Oracle to secure higher chances of job assurance when applying for the role. The certification program is extremely effective in providing in-depth details about the database handling field and core procedure levels.

# Essential DBA skills

Minimum five years of progressive DBA full-time experience is necessary for any and every Oracle DBA professional. Undergoing the OCM and OCP certification courses help in enhancing their skills to handle the complex nature of the Oracle databases. Any DBA professional must possess a proper knowledge in the technologies like, Oracle Application Server and Java (J2EE, Apache, JDeveloper, etc.).

# The best courses to enroll in

To prepare yourself for a career in DBA, it is necessary to enroll in courses concerning the Operations Research section. While in the graduation level, you must apply for courses concerning Operations Research to learn about the development of complicated decision rules and the proper ways to apply them in real world datasets. When you use Oracle as a back-end storage option for data and decision-making purpose, it lets you prepare for expert system applications like, AI and DSS. Also, you can enroll in advanced level statistics courses, if you are interested in making a career in the Oracle Data Mining and Business Intelligence (BI).

Most of the top-level companies prefer candidates, with the suitable managerial and technical skills. Those having MBA in Information Systems or an undergraduate degree in Computer Science are deemed ideal for the industry. Employers look for DBA professionals who can understand all the core business functional areas like, finance, accounting, marketing, etc. Being an MBA is an added advantage to secure the job. Also, top companies give priority to those candidates who have graduated from top-tier educational institutes and universities. Although, it is not mandatory to have an MBA degree to apply for Oracle DBA consulting expert, having one could be an added advantage.

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