Yokai Watch is a new and exciting series produced by Level-5 (the minds behind games like Phoenix Wright and Professor Layton) and localized by Hasbro and Disney into the North American Market. It is a monster collecting and hunting franchise in the same vain as other popular franchises like Pokemon or Digimon.

Yokai Watch follows the journey of a young boy named Nathan who encounters a strange but magical Yo-Kai in a capsule machine in the woods. The Yo-Kai, named Whisper gives the boy an item called a Yo-Kai Watch which can be used to see other Yo-Kai in the world.

Yo-Kai are everywhere and are known to meddle often in the realm of humans, causing havoc and chaos wherever they go. They are sometimes cute and sometimes creepy, but all around they are just trying to live their day to day life too.

Nathan and Whisper go out and try to stop bad Yo-Kai from ruining people’s lives while meeting good Yo-Kai that help benefit them in their struggles to stop the bad ones. One of the first characters Nathan meets is a Yo-Kai called Jibanyan, he is the cute and charming mascot character of the franchise. Jibanyan is a red cat Yo-Kai with two fiery tails and a love for chocolate bars.


Together the three of them explore their town and battle and befriend all sorts of colourful characters.


Yo-Kai Watch’s popularity has been compared to the popularity of Pokemon since it debuted in Japan in 2013. The toy phenomena especially has been held in high regards and the games sequels, Yo-Kai Watch 2 have outsold the Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire games in Japan.

However this doesn’t mean that Yo-Kai Watch is trying to compete head to head with the series and most fans hope the two series can co-exist as both offer something completely different for fans of the genre.

If you’re curious in learning more about Yo-Kai Watch, you can visit the website; http://www.watchofyokai.com and learn everything you need to know about the game, toys, and even events pertaining to this new game franchise.