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The Differences between Dating and Being in a Relationship

being-in-a-relationship - The Differences between Dating and Being in a Relationship

Are you two a couple or just dating? Very often, the line is so blurred that you don’t know how to call your relationship. Sometimes people think that they are in a relationship when indeed they are just dating. These two, so to speak, states are often confused but they shouldn’t be. Actually, they are two consecutive phases of a relationship. First, people start dating to get to know each other better, and after that, if they establish the connection, they enter into an exclusive relationship. However, this transition often goes unnoticed. Here is how to tell casual dating from a real relationship. Answer to this question are given by dating experts fom Vip Brides.

You’re focused on your partner

You’ve been actively involved in the dating game but now, you have one regular date and you are not interested in other available candidates. Seems like you’re going in the direction of a serious relationship. The same is true with online dating. If you were chatting with different people and now you don’t even want to write anyone except that special someone, probably the things are getting serious between you two.

Your sweetheart is your first instance

If your date or girlfriend/boyfriend is the first person you call to share the good news, this indicates that this person means much to you. You see a cinema poster announcing the movie you wanted to watch and guess who you call? You are invited to a party and your first question is whether you can come together with your mate. If it’s all about you, probably, your dating stage is growing into a permanent relationship.

You can have fun without going out

One of the signs that the things between you are getting relationship-like is that you don’t need to plan everything. You can stay in, prepare a dinner together, and then watch some TV programs or films. You also feel comfortable doing different things. For example, you’re typing something on your laptop because the deadline is tomorrow and your partner is sitting next to you reading a book or doing something with their laptop too. That silence that exists in the room doesn’t make any of you uncomfortable.

There is a high level of trust between you

You know you can always rely on your partner and tell them about the things that worry you. Moreover, you’re sure you’ll be understood and supported. In your turn, you’re there when your partner needs you. All this shows that you are comfortable with each other because you know you can confide in one another. Mutual trust is a foundation of a healthy relationship that is already looming on the horizon.

You reveal your true self

During first encounters, we all want to seem better than we are. We want to make an impression, so we carefully hide our “dark sides”. Now that you feel comfortable being with your partner and you know they accept you for who you are, you can finally be yourself without being afraid that you will be misunderstood.

This person is a part of your social life

You’ve already introduced your sweetheart to your friends and they approved of your choice. They liked him/her so much that every time you are about to get together, they demand to see you accompanied by him/her. When your friends start telling funny stories featuring you, your partner doesn’t get confused because he or she already heard them from you. This is another evidence of your closeness.

Probably, the most surefire sign that your relationship can’t be called “just dating” is that the above-mentioned signs go both ways. Still, it’s important to have a conversation about where you’re going. Before starting this conversation, tell your loved one that you’d like to talk about your future. Having things transparent will only benefit your relationship and maybe even bring it to another level.

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