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Android IOT with Inherent Advantages for All Your Smart Devices

set top box manufacturer - Android IOT with Inherent Advantages for All Your Smart Devicesset top box manufacturer

This is the period of time for interconnected devices to fuel next generation of humans and how we communicate among one another in an effortless way. Android IOT is undoubtedly at the top fueling this rapid change and has some great advantage inherent in its operating system. This inevitably makes Android the top OS for complete range of interconnected devices. It has already been widely accepted by most consumers that Android is perhaps best option that can make their communicating strategy feel as simple and easy like nothing else.

 - Android IOT with Inherent Advantages for All Your Smart Devices
android iot

Main reason is its easy access to Android APIs, Google services and Android driven developer tools. But most of all it is a software platform with consistent support from phenomenal Google Company. It is open source software and Linux based and therefore any person can operate on it and customize their devices.

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Direct Benefits with Android IOT

There is one big advantage when you are choosing android iot devices and that means there are more devices running on this platform than in any others. The next best thing about Android is that it is easy for manufacturers of devices for IOT. This also means that costs of devices are also considerably reduced for customers.

flow meter for chemical feeder - Android IOT with Inherent Advantages for All Your Smart Devices
amlogic s905x2

The other big benefit is that you also get is that Android has world’s biggest app platform. This makes it easy for millions of new apps to appear without any hassles and developers find it really amazing to build apps in Google Play Store with ease. It is also built for Java that most developers like to experience.

Then comes the data transfer and for this there is nothing better than Android IOT. The sensors detect temperatures and generate digital signals and hence vendors find it easy as Android supports both MQTT and XMPP

Your device or processor must support components of IOT system however. Even portable devices with low power consumption like TV can provide continuous connectivity with Android.

Android for Entertainment Devices

It is amlogic s905 X 2 which when installed in Android based TV that gives viewers the best experience they can think of. The company that sells SoC or System of Chip integrated circuits has been proving itself formidable leader in the field of chip manufacturing. It has developed a range of chips for the entertainment devices and has entered agreement with set top box manufacturer for meeting its requirements.

The company though based in US has been able to meet most of its demand for Android based devices and products by contracting it out for third party manufacturing. As there have been several Chinese firms manufacturing the parts, the company has branches in mainland China too.

This also shows Android IOT system as better and easily accessible to anyone across continents. It has also been found to be easier and quite cost effective to manufacture based on Android operating system. You may get more such details if you browse at the above site.

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