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Many people around the world have a passion for becoming a supermodel in the industry. Many people are so much excited about the fame they get after becoming a supermodel. So, what does a model exactly mean? What are they exactly meant to do? The answer is, a model is a person (male or female) who promotes the fashion items or accessories by wearing it. They do so by walking in various fashion shows. When a person with good looks and an attractive personality wears the items which the designers want to promote, then it leaves a very effective impression on the audience. The good looks and attractive personality of the models increase the appearance of the item they wear as well. Along with the fashion shows, promotion of the items is done by advertising in the media (newspaper, magazines, etc.) or on the television.



The first person around the world who herself as the fashion model was a Parisian shopgirl named Marie Vernet Worth. In the year 1852, she worked as a house model for her husband who was a fashion designer. Her husband used to work at Haute couture House of Worth.


The models are categorized into various types. The classification is based on how they use their body for the work. For example, there is a classification, hand model. Hand models are the models who use only their hands for promoting the item. Now it is obvious that hand models are hired when the designer requires promoting hand accessories such as watches, rings, etc. Moreover, hand models are most likely to work in the advertisements.

Here comes another classification which is fashion models. Fashion models are the models hired to promote cosmetics as well as clothes. Fashion models are mostly hired by fashion designers who design new clothes and need someone to promote them. The fashion models promote the brands by doing a ramp walk in a fashion show. Talking more specifically, fashion models walk a section forth and back which is known as a runway or the catwalk for promoting the clothes. Along with this, some fashion houses are also around the world which hires fashion models for showing their clothing to their clients. This idea was introduced by a person named Charles Worth.


Moreover, professional photographers also hire models for portfolio work, advertising, editorial work, etc. This work can include glamour, fine art, news, fashion, etc. Along with this photographers also sometimes do demand the models to express a specific feeling or mood which will be appropriate for the shoot.

There is no discrimination on the base of shape and size here and on the gender also. Many people think that for entering the fashion industry, the model should be of zero figure but this is not the case. Most of the supermodels are good looking as well as young. Moreover, the models are specialists over face, feet, hands, all of which may be photographed for different reasons. But yes for entering the world of fashion, one should go through how to be a model.


The name of the model agency itself, explains the meaning. A model agency is a company that represents different fashion models to the fashion industry. A model agency is a sort of source for the models to get employment. How do these companies earn? The model agencies earn by getting the commission. These agencies make the deal with various models or with the head agency.

The high-rated model agencies do work with the advertising companies as well as fashion designers with big budgets. The advertising companies and the fashion designers make their investments in the industry in return of which they can build their status in the industry. The agencies help the various models in their training, building portfolios, test shoots, etc. The model agencies represent the models to the advertisement companies, photographers, and designers and get them to work.

Along with this, the model agencies also look over billing jobs, booking jobs, and paying the models. As a model agency has the data of a model, they make a model focus only on the modeling rather than on some other work.
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