Choosing a Right Flow meter for Natural Gas

Flow Meter - Choosing a Right Flow meter for Natural GasFlow Meter

Overview of Flow Meters:

In industries that work with chemicals flowing through the pipeline in the form of liquid and gases need flow meter to regulate, monitor, and measure the flow rate, mass flow, volumetric flow.

It is a piece of the very necessary equipment in several industries like food and beverage processing plants, petroleum refineries, Natural gas refineries, Chemical industries, Paint industry, molding industry, pharmaceuticals, etc.

All these industries while working need delicate and precise monitoring and regulation of the flow of gases and liquids flowing through pipelines. To maintain quality standards and safe working environment to their clients and workers respectively it is necessary to measure the flow rate.

thermal mass flow meter natural gas - Choosing a Right Flow meter for Natural Gas

Why you need a Flow Meter?

Industries like chemicals, pharmaceuticals work with some harmful liquids and gases. If any control over the operation of these harmful substances flowing through the pipeline is not regulated then it can result in harmful and serious consequences.

As you know that working in such industries is a challenging task. Because it’s a question of life death. You have heard of several tragedies that occur in industries like a harmful Gas leak, Pipeline failure, chemical leaks. All of it occurs due to the improper monitoring of liquid and gases used in that particular industry.

To make the working environment safe for both industry business and workers use of flow meters is highly recommended. They reduce any such possibility of equipment or pipeline failure.

Although there is a wide range of flowmeters used for this purpose like Magnetic flow meter, Turbine Flowmeter, Low flow meter, Thermal mass flow meter (natural gas), and many more. Each of them has different applications in a variety of industries.

Natural Gas Mass Flow Meter - Choosing a Right Flow meter for Natural Gas

Now, that you have learned about the flowmeter and its needs. Let’s have a look at the Flow Meter that is used to measure the mass flow of Natural Gas.

But before going to know “Which flow meter is required to measure natural gas”? We must first understand that “Why natural gas needs to be measured”?

Why does natural gas need to be measured?

Natural gas in its original form composed of several gases like ethane, water vapor, propane, butane, and various other hydrocarbons. Due to their presence content energy of natural gas varies and becomes higher.

But if certain other elements like carbon dioxide, hydrogen molecules, or sulfides are present in it then it has low energy content. To increase the content energy of natural gas its heating value needs to be determined. Hence a flow meter is required to measure it.

A flow meter measures the mass flow and pressure drop accurately and helps in determining this value so that the content energy of gas can be increased.

High-quality energy content in natural gas makes it more efficient for use in burners and boilers, which is a primary requirement from any type of fuel. With a more accurate and precise reading, you can save both time and money. Natural Gas Mass Flow Meter is multipurpose equipment. It can be used to measure both Natural gas in gaseous and liquid form.

Which flow meter is required to measure natural gas?

Generally, Thermal mass flow meters are most commonly used for measuring the mass flow of Natural gas. This flow meter does not measure volumetric flow rather it is used to measure the mass flow of gas. It uses the thermal properties of the gas to calculate the overall measurement.

Now let’s see what are the advantages and disadvantages of using a Thermal mass flow meter. Because you must know every aspect carefully about choosing a Flowmeter.


1) Fast response time
2) It can easily measure gases with shallow pressure
3) It is ideal for monitoring, regulating, emission controlling, and stack flow management

They are cost-effective as compared to other natural gas flow meters


  1. steam Flow can not be measured with a Thermal mass flow meter
  2. accuracy can vary due to the coating material of the sensor
  3. It can only measure the mass flow of gas with known composition
  4. Moisture or vapor presence can influence the heat transfer and affect the reading accuracy.

After knowing all the necessary information before getting a flow meter now you can choose the best flow meter for natural gas.

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