What to look for when buying custom TPE car floor mat?

 - What to look for when buying custom TPE car floor mat?

When you equip your car with the right accessories it totally transforms the overall functioning and aesthetic of your car. This is why it is important to find the right accessories for your car that can help in increasing the utility of your overall experience. Some of the different types of car accessories that are popular with the car owners includes sunshades, seat covers, sensors, car floor mats, comprehensive tool kit, and GPS navigators amongst other stuff.

Amongst these different accessories the custom TPE car floor mat provides good utility to the customers. The car carpet is usually more active than most of the other parts of the car. From football boots on front seats to chemical fertilizer in cargo area, the car carpet is constantly getting impacted by the spillage plus all the wear and tear. The floor of the car tends to be the dirtiest and hence if you want to keep your car clean then it is imperative that you must protect the car floor from all the damage. While you can make use of vacuum cleaner for sucking the debris and the dust but the carpet area might still be dirty owing to improper long term handling. One of the best ways to secure your car carpet is to purchase the decent pair of rubber car mats.

The car mat is specifically sewn using top-quality carpet texture which includes varying thickness. This carpet is usually very comfortable yet impervious. These carpets are generally easier to install but they have less durability. Due to constant maintenance these car mats tend to have lesser service life and higher wear.

What should you know about TPE car floor mats?

The TPE car floor mats are made using high-grade thermoplastic elastomer, also referred to as TPE. This is similar to the rubber compounds but it is not exactly rubber. As is the case with rubber, TPE has good grip and flexibility. This means that the TPE will not harden or curl and it exhibits grip texture. However unlike other types of PVC-based car mats, this is made using nontoxic resin compound. The WeDoi exclusively makes use of TPE material for making 100% custom fit car floor mats. This material doesn’t include California prop 65, which is tasteless and environment friendly.

Buying car floor mats from WeDoi

 - What to look for when buying custom TPE car floor mat?

The WeDoi is one of the leading and most prominent brands in the market when it comes to the car floor mats. To provide sophisticated floor protection, the talented engineers and designers from have developed the most refined floor protection that is available today.

The car floor mats from WeDoi are arranged precisely and entirely on internal carpet thus providing “absolute internal protection”. The interior carpets of the car are arranged at the rear, front and on both sides of car’s footwell. The laser digital measurement of inner surface provides consistently perfect fit.

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