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Trip to the China silk road

China Silk Road Tour - Trip to the China silk roadChina Silk Road Tour

The tourism is one of the most significant sectors that contributed strongly to a nation’s economy. The Chinese tourism industry is no different as there are a number of fascinating places worth visiting in China which means that people do keep visiting the different parts of the country. Amongst these different places the China silk road tour is one of the most popular tourist destinations which is visited by hundreds of tourists throughout the years.

The China silk road is a famous ancient route of trading that crosses Eurasia and Asia with a total distance of in excess of 7000 kilometers and the length of this road in China has to be approximately around 4000 kilometers. You can find various historical relics, stunning natural scenery, colorful – vibrant ethnic customs and monuments through the ancient China silk road. If you are thinking of visiting the China Silk road then it is important that you should visit between March and November to experience the best possible weather conditions.

 - Trip to the China silk road

Choosing Silk road travel for your vacation to the China silk road

There are various tour operators as well as travel agencies that provide you with the necessary travel arrangements to the China silk road. However no one comes close to the expertise and professionalism provided by the Silk road travel. When you are booking a vacation it is always important to choose tour operators that are efficient, reliable and have considerable experience of operating on that route. The Silk road travel ticks all of those boxes.

The Silk road travel is one of the best tour operators in China and since the year 2005 the company is a pioneer of the Silk road, West China inbound tourism in the country. The company has provided tour arrangements for more than 10000 travelers and helped them fulfill their long held dream ambition of visiting this legendary route and carry out their adventures through professional, enthusiastic and passionate work.

You can choose to go through silk road tours in the country of China and then do an extension through to the central Asia where you can trace footsteps of the famous man Marco Polo. You can also go through the Silk road caravans and visit various historical sites that includes Buddhism arts of Grottoes and the Mysterious ruins which are Pompeii of Silk road. You can also visit the vibrant folklore of the various minorities and the stunning landscapes through pearl cities of silk road.

When you choose to travel with you get full value for your money. Some of the highlights or key features that you get when you travel with the Silk road travel are as follows.
Fully customized tour that takes into account your budget as well as travel requirements. Your travel consultant provides 24/7 customer support service and there is a manager for customer care that takes care of any problems or queries that the tourists might have. You also get reasonable pricing packages and guaranteed refund offers when you choose the service of the Silk road travel.

 - Trip to the China silk road

Attractive packages on offer for the customers

When you choose to travel with the Silk road travel operator, you have the option of choosing from numerous attractive packages that cater to the requirements a wide range consumer base. Some of the amazing packages that you can find listed here includes 15 Days Silk Road and Tibet Adventure, 14 Days Fascinating Maritime Silk Road to Xi’an Dunhuang and Xinjiang, 10 Days Silk Road Tour: Xi’an to Urumqi, 18 Days Silk Road In-Depth Tour, 15 days culture exploration on the silk road, 16 Days Silk Road and Yunnan and 12 Days East China and Silk Road Adventure amongst others. Let us have a brief look at one of these packages.

15 days culture exploration on the silk road :

This is a private tour package for 2 people who will be accommodated in a four star hotel. Some of the highlights of this package include exploring the famous Terracotta warriors, which is one of world’s largest archaeological discoveries. Then you get to visit the mysterious Labrang Monastery located in Xiahe where you will also be able enjoy and experience the marvel grassland.

You will also be able to visit the markets of Dunhuang and experience an entirely different culture. Besides this you will also go and visit the Mogao Grottoes which is home for one of the biggest as well as best preserved Buddhist art globally. You can also visit the local family of Uyghur in the ancient village of Tuyoq which is located in Turpan. You also get to explore the most interesting parts and corners of west most city named Kashgar.

This is one of the best packages available that provides a wholesome full experience of different cultures and places in China.

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