The Top Disinfectant Solutions You Can Use

 - The Top Disinfectant Solutions You Can Use

Here at Disinfect & Fog, we understand that in the current outbreak there is nothing more important than ensuring that the areas in which you spend the majority of the time are visually cleaned, but sanitized from viruses, bacteria, and germs. We also know that alcohol and bleach are two of the most widely used and readily available disinfectants available but we’re here to inform you of more effective alternatives available and, in this post, we will look at three of them.

Disinfectants are vital in achieving a suitable degree of disinfection in high-traffic and high-touch areas of your office or home This is an important task that shouldn’t be overlooked, not just because it’s difficult to accomplish (with the correct disinfectant sprayer and the right tools that it doesn’t need to be) however because it has an immediate impact on the safety and health of your family members, colleagues and customers.

Ultra-Lyte Disinfectant Solution

Ultra-Lyte is a scientifically proven 100% natural spray-on sanitizer and disinfectant fogger supplier solution. It kills 99.999 percent of all bacteria and viruses upon contact with a 10-minute stay time.

Ultra-Lyte is produced by electrolyzing water technology (HOCl) which is more efficient than bleach and is also is non-toxic. Furthermore, it is non-irritating and biodegradable on the skin and eyes, making it safe to use in your home and at work.

One of the most distinctive characteristics of the ultra-green Ultra-Lyte is that it’s completely rinse-free, ready for use without mixing it’s just a matter of spray away. Additionally, it is PH neutral which makes it totally safe for use with animals and even aquatic life. This is crucial since you require an anti-bacterial that you won’t need to worry about in the event that your pet accidentally sniffs it or is able to lick it.

Furthermore, Ultra Lyte is non-corrosive antimicrobial, odor-free, and is also extremely efficient against mold, spores, and even smells. The hospital-grade and food-grade disinfectants are safe to use and handle and you do not need Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) It is easily applied through spraying, or by mopping.

Ultra-Lyte is approved under a DIN (Drug Identification Number in Canada) and has been certified by EPA (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency). Additionally, it was accepted by Health Canada to kill COVID-19. It comes with a one-year shelf-life and is available in a four-liter and a 16-liter package.

Vital Oxide Disinfectant Solution

Vital Oxide is an excellent electrostatic disinfectant for large areas and surfaces. It kills 99.9 percent of viruses and bacteria, and also fungus, mold, and mildew right at the source. It also blocks the growth of microorganisms, and removes odor on the molecular level, and not through masking with scent.

 - The Top Disinfectant Solutions You Can Use

Vital Oxide cleans 99.999 percent of bacteria found on surfaces with high contact without having to wash it off and is safe for animals as well as humans, so you don’t have to wear PPE when applying it. It is also hypoallergenic since it removes allergens.

In addition, Vital Oxide has been acknowledged by the EPA to treat SARS-COV-2 the virus that predated COVID-19. It also eliminates Staph Ecoli, Strep, Influenza, MRSA, biofilm Parvo, Distemper, and Tuberculous. It is available in containers that are either 4 or 1 Gallon. Home:

Now you are aware that there are many alternatives to alcohol or bleach which can improve the sanitizing process and ensure that you ensure that your family, colleagues, and customers are safe and healthy. If you require more details regarding one of these disinfectant solutions Please leave us an email or comment below. You can also call us!

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