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Select a Eeliable Multilayer PCB Assembly Company

 - Select a Eeliable Multilayer PCB Assembly Company

You will soon encounter the abbreviation PCB, whether you’re an inventor trying to market your next invention or a manufacturer looking for a way to launch a new product. It stands for printed circuit boards and is everywhere. What does an MP3 player and DVD writer have in common? All of them have a circuit board which holds and connects the components. Most boards today are made up of multiple layers in order to store more components on a smaller area.

How much does multilayer PCB fabrication cost?

Multilayer PCB fabrication does not have to be expensive. Technology has improved significantly, and printing is becoming more affordable as more companies offer it.

Let’s say we have a 2×4 inch circuit board, with four layers. It is intended for household electronics, so no special materials are required. The first setup fee is usually required for engineers to adjust Gerber files and set up printing machines. The setup fee is usually $200, despite the amount of work required. It will still be higher for more complex layouts. Home: www.unitepcb.com

Prices for units depend on the materials used, need to bore holes and passages, and other factors. Similar to book publishing or other printing jobs, the larger the order, the lower the price. One hundred boards in a test batch can run you more than $2 per unit. The unit price will be closer to $1 if you order more than 10,000. The unit price of high-temperature materials can often be doubled, but you only have to order it when you really need it. Your product’s success or failure could depend on how much you save on materials.

Cheap is not always best

 - Select a Eeliable Multilayer PCB Assembly Company

Continue to talk about success. You also need to ensure that you select a multilayer PCB manufacturing company with a track record. Many product inventors and entrepreneurs try to save money by sending their boards to Asian countries. However, they often forget that local companies offer better quality. Because multilayer PCB fabrication is almost entirely automated, and human resources are very low, the price difference isn’t that significant. There are many great electronics companies in the USA, UK, Germany and other European countries. Yellow Pages is your best resource for finding reliable partners. Local companies are more likely to be reliable partners. You will also have greater control over the final result and save time shipping. You can verify the contact information on a company you found online and compare it with the Whois admin mailing address for that domain name. They should be in the same country or match. Get more info about Unitepcb.

The current monthly production capacity of Unite multilayer PCB is 9,000 square metres. 5,000 are small batches and some special materials. The mass production boards are available in double-sided and 60-layer formats. Product types include ordinary boards and medium and high Tg printed circuit board, heavy copper PCBs and high-frequency PCB boards. They also come in ultra-thin and extremely-thick boards and halogen-free boards.

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