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New research on HIV prevention drug “Truvada” reveals that women needs more frequent dose compare to men

HIV prevention drug - New research on HIV prevention drug “Truvada” reveals that women needs more frequent dose compare to men

The only authorized drug for HIV prevention is Truvada. Researchers went through an intense investigation deciding the uses and performance of this drug. They found out some crucial information’s. The group of researchers revealed that to avoid HIV infections, men and women must go through different level of Truvada doses. The study was published in the Journal of Infectious Diseases. The research was conducted by the team of North Carolina University.

The drug Truvada was authorized by U.S food and Drug Administration. Although the drug was only authorized to prevent high risk infections, Truvada performed nicely in cutting down the overall rates of HIV infections .The Drug was approved by the year of 2012 and was available only in few selective areas. The research paper revealed that the study team tested the particles of DNA that HIV uses for breeding and to measure the effective dose of Truvada to limit HIV from infecting cells. The research team used Truvada on a group of healthy women. 47 women donated samples of vaginal, cervical and rectal tissues in order to test the level of drug .They tested the DNA materials in each participant.

The research team found out the findings by using the mathematical model constructed by the storage of data from several experiments. The group of researchers revealed that women need to consume Truvada everyday in order to prevent HIV. FDA suggested that women should consume Truvada more frequently than men.

The study team also revealed that people who are currently consuming Truvada would not need to change their schedule. The group of researchers stated that they would not recommend people to stop consuming the daily dose of Truvada right now. Also they think that people should put more effort in understanding the effectual amount of Truvada to prevent HIV. The team also thinks that more efforts should be taken to pause the spreading of HIV.

Researcher Angela Kashuba from University of North Carolina stated that “Our data highlight the fact that one dose does not fit all. She further stated that “In determining how best to use drugs to protect people from HIV, we need to understand where in their body they are at risk for being infected, along with the concentration of drug that is needed to protect that site from infection.”

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