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Chocolate tempering is one of the most important methods or steps that goes in making of chocolates. Chocolate tempering is done in a number of ways. One of the most common ways of doing it is the manual tempering which is the tempering of the seeds. In this process the liquid un-tempered chocolate is added to the solid tempered chocolate. This solid chocolate which is tempered, helps in bringing down the temperature of the liquid chocolate. This is required, as it helps in producing the relevant temperature which provides the formation of ‘V’ type crystals. The alignment of the ‘V’ type crystals are required to temper the chocolate perfectly.

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Keychoc Chocolate Machinery

The Keychoc chocolate machinery is a very good machine for the prefect tempering of chocolates. If there is 20 kgs of chocolate which is at 45 degree Celsius, then 6 or 7 kgs of tempered chocolate needs to be added in order to get the temperature down for making the chocolate to be made at the working temperature. The Keychoc’s holding and melting tanks have a good digital temperature control that helps in maintaining the perfect temperature which is required for making chocolate. However, it does not have an automatic stirrer, which means the chocolate has to be stirred manually and should be heated up by a heat gun in every 25-30 minutes. These machines come with at least 15 kgs of capacity and the cost of these machines are quite affordable.

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https://www.chocolateok.comThe table top melting, moulding and holding machines are also a very good accessory to invest in if you are looking at tempering chocolate. It is very similar to Keychoc chocolate equipment, but it saves on a lot of time. This can be used to increase productivity and the quality of the chocolates. They are of great use when chocolate has to be tempered in large scale commercial chocolate making set-ups. They get the work done quickly with less manpower. You can read more about chocolate tempering procedures and machines here;

Automatic batch tempering is another popular way in which chocolate can be tempered. It is very fast as compared to manual tempering and also consistently tempers chocolate without a skilled labour or operator. Chocolate machine manufacturer prefer this method as it reduces wastage of batches and increases the capacity of chocolate making. This is far more better than manual tempering. The Keychoc automatic batch tempering works in three steps. First the required quantity of chocolate needs to be put in the tank, then the melting cycle button has to be pressed. When this is ready, then the tempering cycle can be started which will start the process of tempering solid chocolate. These automatic batch tempering machines have controllers that are digitally programmed. They are also designed for cleaning easily and are constructed totally using stainless steel. This has a capacity of 75 kgs or 150 kgs and t helps a great deal when you have to temper large quantities of solid chocolate.

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