Integrated Optical Systems for Your Most Vital Projects

Optical Systems - Integrated Optical Systems for Your Most Vital Projects

LightWorks Optical Systems is a leading provider of high precision optical assemblies, systems and components.  LightWorks Optics, Inc. has recently been acquired by II-VI Incorporated, and has merged operations with Exotic Electro-Optics, also a subsidiary of II-VI Incorporated. The company has been renamed LightWorks Optical Systems, and will maintain operations from both facilities in Tustin, CA and Murrieta, CA. The company’s award-winning design, engineering and production capabilities are meeting the complex optical needs of customers in the biomedical, medical device, aerospace, defense and commercial industries. The photonic applications may be diverse, but all LightWorks Optical Systems products share a common focus on rapid development, excellent value, and high performance. The company is AS9100C/ISO-9001 and ISO 13485:2003 Registered.

LightWorks Optical Systems is a premier solutions provider for the design, development, and production of integrated optical components, optical assemblies, and optical systems for advanced applications. From prototypes to production, we design, manufacture, assemble, and test precision optical systems and components-including visible, infrared, and laser-based systems and subassemblies. Combining specialized expertise, leadership, and cutting-edge technology, we develop, analyze, and select the best optical solution, then define the most readily producible system design. The result: an unprecedented performance record of 100% on-time delivery and 99% quality satisfaction. When you need a reliable partner for precision optical systems, look to LightWorks Optical Systems to deliver. If we can’t do it, nobody can.


The demand for higher performance optical systems continues to increase. To meet this demand, we employ a committed and highly skilled workforce focused on meeting customer requirements in a culture of continuous improvement. Additionally, we focus capitalization on advanced manufacturing equipment and related infrastructure. Through the combination of a skilled workforce and reliable equipment, deterministic manufacturing processes have been developed to ensure quality products are delivered on time.

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