Industrial Ball Valve – Basic Idea and its different types

 - Industrial Ball Valve – Basic Idea and its different types

There are numerous pipelines laid around to transport efficiently gases (referred to as fluids) and liquids in vast amounts. However, a regulating body will be necessary to determine the exact flow amount required. It is important to know when to start as well as to stop flow to ensure efficient working. It is here that the valves play an important role. The Industrial Ball Valve is rather considered to be a regulating body to control rate of flow of the fluids. It also acts similar to a switch to start/stop the flow.

What are valves?

These are referred to as mechanical devices designed to obstruct passages of pipes of gases and liquids. It is carried out either partially or wholly to control rate of flow of liquids as desired.

There are designed different types of valves which are commonly noticed in out day to day lives. The tap which we use to open/close is constructed to control water flow and hence, is termed to be a vale. Also, the regulators used to control gas flow from the gas pipelines are referred to as valves. Gas control valves are also present in the pressure cookers. You can check out, Industrial Gate Valve on the web and know more about it.

What it is constructed of?

Industrial Globe Valve is made from metal or plastic. They are designed to be controlled with the help of wheels, pedals, levers or handles. It is also designed to be automatically controlled. The exterior parts, generally, are either plastic or metal and hence, referred to as the seat. On the other hand, the inner part has rubber valves and plastic to ensure effective fluid flow control. The body is considered to be the valve’s inner part constructed to fit perfectly on the seat. It controls the flow. This aspect is achieved with the complete or partial opening/closing based on the flow rate requirement. For more information, refer to

What are Ball Valves

Generally, these are quarter turn valves. (The lever is turned by about 90 degrees to start/stop the flow. A perforated, hollow, pivoting ball is used referred to as the floating ball. This valve is from where fluid flow takes place. As the handle or lever is turned ninety degrees, the ball’s hole is aligned automatically with the pipe’s opening, thus starting flow. As the lever is turned by about ninety degrees, it turns by around 90 degrees, thus turning the hole around. Thus, the ball tends to block the pipe’s opening, thereby causing stoppage of flow. To ensure buying quality products, consider selecting only the best Ball valve supplier.

Ball types

 - Industrial Ball Valve – Basic Idea and its different types

You can come across different types of valves, especially the ball valve kind in the market. These are used extensively by different industries based on their pressure handling abilities, sizes and designs. The common available ones are multiport valves, trunnion ball valves, V port, cavity filler, reduced port and Full port. You can rely on Ball valve China to get your preferred type of valves for your business.

If there is a need for fluid free flow rate, then full port valves are in demand. This type of valve comes with an oversized ball having a big hole. The objective is to allow fluids to enter through it in large amounts. But if high pressure is required, then reduced port valves should be selected. Pipe heads are a common example used generally for car wash. This valve type is used if more pressure is desired in water flow.

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