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how to use dimmer switches to lower your power bill

 - how to use dimmer switches to lower your power bill

Today I’m going to show you how to use dimmer switches to lower your power bill. Most people think of dimmer switches as a way to set the mood for a room, but dimming the light also reduces the power draw and extends the life of your bulbs.

Installation is pretty easy, but before we start, here are a few things to know:

• Make sure the bulbs you have are compatible with dimmer switches.

• Before you buy a dimmer, find out how the existing switch is wired. Most of the time you’ll need a 2-way switch, but sometimes you’ll need a 3-way switch. If you’re unfamiliar with this terminology, you may want to consider professional installation.

There are many different dimmer switches on the market. You don’t need a fancy dimmer to save electricity, but choose the one that fits your needs. Make sure you read the manufacturer’s instructions and take all safety precautions. Again, if you are not comfortable working with electricity, please contact a certified electrician.

Here are some tools we will need to get started:

1. Screwdriver
2. Wire strippers
3. Electrical tape
4. Wire nuts
5. Circuit tester

Installation instructions:

1. First, locate your electrical panel and turn off the breaker to that switch. If you’re not sure which breaker it is, turn off the main breaker.
2. Remove the face plate for the light switch.
3. Check the circuit with the tester to insure the power is off.
4. Disconnect the old switch and make note on how it was connected.
5. Determine if you need to strip the wires for proper connection.
6. Connect the wires to the dimmer switch.
7. If your dimmer switch has lead wires connect them to the house wires with wire nuts.
8. Connect the ground wires with wire nuts.
9. Tuck the wires into the circuit box and attach plate with screws.
10. Turn on breaker from the electrical panel and test.
11. If the light does not work, turn breaker off and check connections.

Now that you have a dimmer switch, you can adjust the brightness of the lights. To save power, set you lights to 50-75% brightness or less. This will help save you money, extend the life of the bulb, and give the room a nice relaxed feeling. I hope you have enjoyed this video, and don’t forget to add your thoughts in the comments section.

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