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How to prepare coffee without using Coffee Maker?

 - How to prepare coffee without using Coffee Maker?

Perhaps, you love to have freshly brewed coffee early in the morning and rely upon your drip coffee machine to provide you with a hot cup. Some may brew coffee using freshly grounded, home roasted beans regularly, while the others only try to get hold of electronic coffee kettles to brew it much faster, due to lack of time. But what will happen, if the electric kettle does not function properly? What if the water fails to heat up properly? What if there is experienced power outage? Fortunately, there are several options available to prepare coffee without using the coffee maker. This will help you to enjoy your coffee at any point of time, without compromising on the quality aspect.
Preparation methods without coffee maker

ϒ⁄ Saucepan method:

If there are limited supplies, then this is a viable option to choose. With kitchen basics, it is possible to brew pot of coffee or a cup on the top of the stove! For this, you will require:

o Water

o Coffee grounds

o Small saucepan

o Ladle

o Spoon

o Mug

o coffee servers

How to brew:

o Firstly, pour water into the pan. Use more water than coffee amount desired as some will be lost during boiling.

o Stir coffee grounds in water and use same amount that is to be placed in the coffee maker for water amount used.
o Set burner to medium-high flame and then bring coffee to boil. Now stir occasionally so as to prevent burning of grounds on pan bottom.
o Boil coffee, keeping it uncovered for 2 minutes.
o Take out pot from heat and allow it to sit for 4 minutes helping grounds to settle at bottom. Do remember to turn off stove.
o Scoop brewed coffee with a ladle into mug, without any grounds in it. Small ladle will do the job. If ladle is not present, then pour coffee very slowly from saucepan. Grounds are heavy, thereby residing at bottom.
o Use coffee glass server to serve coffee hot!

ϒ⁄ Coffee Bag Method:

You can prepare some tea bag for the coffee grounds like the French during 18th century. You will require:

o Hot water

o Coffee grounds

o Coffee filter

o Mug

o String

How to brew:

o First measure single coffee ground serving and then pour it within the filter.

ϒ⁄ Close tightly the filter, prepare some pouch with grounds.

ϒ⁄ Then tie it using string and leave hanging one long end outside the cup like tea bag.

ϒ⁄ Use any available method like pot or kettle to heat water.

ϒ⁄ Place created coffee filter bag into empty mug.

ϒ⁄ Pour hot water slowly in cup over coffee bag. But do avoid overfilling.

ϒ⁄ Allow coffee to steep 4 minutes or so, depending upon weaker or stronger brew desired.

ϒ⁄ Remove filter and discard before drinking.

ϒ⁄ Strainer Method: If you have a strainer, then you can sure prepare a hot cup of delicious coffee and not worry about having a filter or coffee maker. The strainer however, should have small holes like double layered mesh type. This will help the coffee grounds to avoid going into the cup. You will require:

o Water

o Coffee grounds

o Mesh strainer

o Saucepan or kettle

o Mug

How to brew:

o First measure the amount of water essential for the cups that is desired to have and accordingly pour the same into the saucepan or kettle.

o Add coffee grounds of appropriate amounts for number of cups to be brewed and stir it thoroughly.

o Bring water to boil and remain in this condition for 2 minutes.

o Now, remove saucepan from heat.

o Hold mesh strainer above mug. Then, pour coffee through the strainer and it will catch grounds coming from the saucepan, while coffee flows into the mug. This method does not require any extra wait time for allowing the grounds to settle as a strainer is being used for the purpose.

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