How to identify a fake id & be safe?

id god - How to identify a fake id & be safe?id god

With more and more people using the web to derive information & to shop their favourite items identity theft has become rampant. Both organizations & individuals alike suffer from such problems & need to stay protected. The best way to be safe is to gain valuable knowledge about fake identity is to do thorough research on the subject.

 - How to identify a fake id & be safe?
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Why need to know about fake id?

As part of the campus or business procedure you may seek customer ID. But then, you need to know what a fake identity appears like. In case you have not taken adequate steps to protect yourself, your business is likely to suffer. Due to lack of knowledge, identity thieves tend to take full advantage. They make use of false id cards which at times are also poorly created. The purpose is to defraud you of valuable money & service.

The truth many consider identity theft to be a minor financial related crime. But there can be worst cases involving domestic terrorism & is commonly committed across the globe. Some instances that took place in a mighty western country like the United States, where the infamous World Trade Center & Oklahoma City bombings took place. Both the incidents were carried out by suspects who possessed fake identities.

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Need for training

A good number of industries like retail, hotel, escrow, mortgage, healthcare, property rental, etc. are required to seek identification from their clients. Unfortunately, their staffs are not well trained or have updated knowledge on identifying fake identities. There are several government issued Ids, which are used as identity proof by private & public institutions alike. Most of them tend to have similar security features, but with some unique twists. A few of them are visible to the naked eye. Others may require using simple technology like superior quality magnifying glass and UV light.

One such system which is promoted to check Ids is ‘FLAG’. It stands for ‘Feel, look, ask & give’ back to police or the individual. The system has over 25 diverse points for check in. It is important for staffs to be well versed with the system to recognize fake identity cards. Going through portals like can give a clear idea.

Flag system in details

Feel: You need to feel a few tactical security features. Do not encourage people to show their id from their wallet window slot. You need to feel it in your hand. The fake ones have poor features and the difference can be easily felt. So, focus on quality. You can use a coin or fingernail to check if the tactile items change or come off easily.

Look: Double check the picture in the id card & the person in your front. They should be same. Focus on the face ‘Triangle Recognition’ area like the chin, mouth, nose, ears & eyes. This area is not likely to change significantly with time unless the person has undergone plastic surgery. Also check out the signature. Any major difference can be noticed effortlessly.

Ask: At bars, you can come across bouncers who ask different questions and identify fake identity holders. Fake identity cards are likely to have fake birth date with a different zodiac sign. It might not be known to the person faking his/her birth date. Even asking data or listed data can catch the person off guard. Stutters & changing facial expressions will reveal fraud.

Give to the police or back: If the Id is a genuine one, then give it back to the person & deal with him/her as regular customer. But if the id. is a fake, then photocopy this card and return it back. If still unsure, request the person for secondary ID form. You can always file a report with the police later on to avoid assault.

For more details on how to identify fake identities, browse through portals like id god!

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