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How to become a better essay/article/review writer

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Anyone can write an essay and in a sense, it is their way of expressing their great ideas, however, for a lot, to be able to write an incredibly amazing essay would take years of practice. How exactly do you go about in becoming a better essay writer? You may rely on writing services, that make a perfect custom English essay for you, but also you may read this article.

The following are ten tips in order to become better essay writers:

  1. Thesis development.
    1. As an essay writer, the point in providing a thesis is to prove it.
    2. This usually consists of one or two sentences in the introduction and this explains what the topic at hand is and this will be evaluated by the instructor based on how the essay/paragraphs will relate to this statement.
    3. All other paragraphs to be made should solely revolve around this central idea. There should be no paragraphs which should drift off topic. Always stick to the point.
    4. The thesis statement should be able to explain the topic or the inquiry you wish to answer in a brief and concise manner. In short, do not make it wordy.
    5. The student should introduce the thesis statement clearly. Likewise with making it brief and short, it should also make some sort of path which will enable subsequent paragraphs explain and answer the subject matter.
    6. It is a must take note of the following paragraphs whether the explanation and example in the body of the essay support the thesis statement.
    7. In-line with the above, the writer must take the initiative to check if the conclusion is able to prove the thesis.
  2. Avoid repetition.
    1. It is very difficult to write an essay, given that even if it just writing a three paged essay. An essential way of doing this for some is to be repetitive, however, repeating the same ideas and even words, it is indicative of laziness.
    2. Eliminate or remove ALL repetitive words or phrases in the essay.
    3. Instead of repeating the same idea all over again, be keen in using other forms of the word such as anything synonymous to it and use pronouns as the student sees fit. It is highly advisable to use a thesaurus at this stage.
    4. Avoid using offending
  3. Use the active voice.
    1. This means that the sentences should have the actors or the subject perform the action: “Bhea ate an apple.” Instead of “An apple was eaten by Bhea”.
  4. Read others’ essays.
    1. Reading other people’s essays would give an insight on one’s writing style as well as others and in doing so, it will enable a writer to develop and build their own essay writing style.
    2. Reading other essays would also enable an author to critically judge and know how an essay should be written in a sense that once they apply it to their own work, they would be able to know what should go in it and what should not.
  5. Improving vocabulary and its proper usage.
    1. In-line with the second tip, being able to have a wide range of stocked words will enable the writer to avoid repetition and this is shown in the writing of the essay wherein the audience will also feel not only the creativeness but also the intelligence and wittiness should they read the paper.
  6. Use the right
    1. The most appropriate sources vary from subject to subject and the following are common ones used by academic learners all over the globe:
      1. Academic articles – are scholarly articles written at universities and are usually published as journals or as books.
      2. Newspaper articles – can be used as evidence in writing, especially those which needs to date back an event from the past.
    2. The essay should be written in a logical order.
      1. This means that the introduction should flow naturally to the body and to the conclusion. They must also be correlated with each other.
      2. The essay should have a good format and is easy to follow.
      3. In order to this, the writer should produce an outline before the paper is written in order for them to have a guide to follow.
    3. An effective writing style.
      1. Everyone has their own writing style used, regardless should it be influenced by other people’s essays. In-line with this, their writing style should be able to produce sentences of various types, phrases which has idioms, have insight of genre-specific vocabulary, and effective punctuation whilst in writing the mentioned.
    4. Running a spell check, essentially speaking, edit and proof read.
      1. Needless to say, writing an essay should be followed up with effective editing so run a spell check and pay heed to suggested replacement. Brilliant essays have little to no error.
    5. Ask for a second opinion.

This is in-line with the ninth opinion. It is always best to ask someone to read your essay before handing it in to the instructor. This will enable them to know if their essay is not only good in form and style but also relatable and easy to understand, especially for those who do not specialize i

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