How simple and safe is it to do online investment? Ask Waton Brokers

Waton Brokers - How simple and safe is it to do online investment? Ask Waton BrokersWaton Brokers

Waton Brokers is a leading online brokerage firm equipped with a license (Type 1: Dealing in Securities) from the Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong and a license from the Financial Service Providers Register of New Zealand. Since its founding in 2015, Waton Brokers has become a rising star in the industry owing to its own distinctive philosophies and services. Since 2017, Waton Brokers has served more than 50,000 clients with a total transaction volume over 100 billion HKD. And its financing quota for popular IPO projects reaches 2 billion HKD. Investors believe in and think highly of Waton Brokers.

Such eye-catching growth and client loyalty benefit from that Waton Brokers knows who they are and what they are committed to. The financial world appears to be complex, indifferent, and distant. It is a game of capitals where interest takes top priority. A majority of ordinary investors are turned away by the high threshold of most investment markets. However, Mr. Mohamed Yunus, Nobel Peace Prize winner, believes that finance is a social tool that can redesign the socio-economic framework for a more equal society. Waton Brokers agrees with and implements this philosophy.

Kai Zhou, founder of Waton Brokers, emphasizes that resource allocation remains uneven in the fact of the current productivity has taken a great leap. Government is supposed to fuel all segments of society to join the production chain. By doing so, more people can join the secondary and tertiary industries, and participate in the division of labor on the production line. Only when all society members get involved can everyone be allocated corresponding resources in return. And finance is a bridge to the destination. The trick is to find out a more advanced allocation method when resources are already abundant.

With the rapid economic development, brokerage business goes from the traditional offline to Internet online. Under the shadow of subprime crisis, governments tighten their open policy and take more stringent regulations over cash flows. Under this circumstance, dividends from the growth of overseas markets have not actually benefited investors from different nations, and needs of various types of individual investors, including value investors, have not been met. As a comprehensive digital securities, Waton Brokers is committed to promoting a more effective, transparent, and efficient allocation of global investment resources through the innovation and creation of technology, products, and services. That is how we make online investment simple and safe.

Simple-Lower threshold

Brokers with newfangled portfolios are sprouting across China to take the advantage of the excitement. Unlike them, Waton Brokers focuses on providing investors with the most profitable projects under current circumstances such as HK shares subscription and investments in U.S. stock market. At the same time, Waton Brokers offers and polishes user-friendly products and services based on continuous development and innovation of the Internet and digital technology. By doing so, Waton Brokers frees investors from lengthy account opening, currency exchange barriers, high time costs, and user-unfriendly operations.

1, Simple to get started.

Waton Brokers lowers the investment threshold and no overseas bank card is required. Under simple and clear operation instructions, investors can hit the road within 10 minutes;

2, Simple to operate.

In Waton Brokers App investors will never be bothered by dazzling interfaces, distracting additional functions, or complicated operations. It takes no professional investment knowledge and experience to open account and invest;

3, Simple to manage assets.

Waton Brokers provides trust service to both investors who requires more informed decisions and those who are too busy to trade or keep an eye on market dynamics. With over 10,000HKD in their account, clients could join the Waton trust and have their accounts well managed by qualified, skilled, and experienced traders. Investors needn’t watch and trade by themselves. Meanwhile, Waton keeps track of where each fund comes from and goes to. All investment decisions and transactions of entrusted accounts are open and traceable to investors all the time. Worry-free services are offered with lower threshold.

4, Simple to get information.

With financial literacy and sources from Ivy League schools and years of practical experience in market investment, research team of Waton Brokers invented a series of supplementary including Beacon Research Report, Beacon Seminar, and Beacon Talk. They are designed to keep investors informed with the latest market dynamics and professional analysis. Waton Brokers is committed to minimizing investment risks for investors by providing more valuable market information through Beacon.

Service-Customer First

Waton Brokers believes in putting clients first. This is how Waton Brokers grows up and thrives.

In order to understand and respond to investors’ needs in the most intuitive and quick way, Waton Brokers has built a customer-oriented community in which professional staff on 24/7 duty shall respond within 3 minutes. In addition, every member in this community, including Waton employees and regular clients, is more than willing to help. When emergencies happens, Waton Brokers always works on it until all problems get solved. Waton Brokers keeps recording demands and suggestions from investors, and optimizes products and services through resources integration and coordination. That is how Waton Brokers achieves the quality of service desired by clients.

Waton Brokers distinguishes itself by safeguarding investors from pecuniary losses. Experienced and professional investment research team conduct comprehensive researches on multiple dimensions such as market conditions, economic policies, investment targets, and social dynamics. Their mission is not to recommend or guide clients, but to warn and avoid foreseeable risks and losses in the investment.

Safe-The Most Basic Guarantee

The safety of funds is the cornerstone for the normal operation and sustainable development of financial institutions, and it is what investors cares a lot. Waton Brokers does not recommend investments that Waton Brokers think will definitely rake in money. Instead, Waton Brokers helps investors invest safely through making full use of available resources such as products, services, and technology.

Under rigid supervision and regulation of SFC and SIPC, Waton Brokers operates with a Type 1 license from Hong Kong SFC and a license from the New Zealand FSPR. SPIC protects investors from financial losses in addition to trading losses by providing an insurance of USD 500,000 (including USD 250,000 in cash) . And the Hong Kong Stock Exchange pays compensation as much as HKD 500,000 to investors of any nationality who suffer pecuniary losses as a result of default of a Type-1 licensed financial institution in relation to exchange-traded products in Hong Kong.

Multiple risk control systems from the back-end of Waton Brokers filter high-risk products by screening off high-risk stocks and imposing technical restrictions on high-risk trading. No new function could go live before multiple tests and improvements. By doing so, it is guaranteed that investors’ assets are always safe with Waton Brokers. This is how Waton help more ordinary people participate in online investment and enjoy dividends of economic growth in the simplest and safest way.

From 2020 to 2021, the global economy was crippled by COVID-19. Even in such a sluggish market environment, China achieved 2.3% economic growth last year and became the only major economy in the world that achieved positive growth. As Yunus advocates social business as tool to stop increasing inequity, Waton Brokers hopes to make rational use of finance for better resource allocation. Waton Brokers not only builds investment channels for Chinese investors to the global market, but also to help more foreign investors discover and invest in the Chinese market, which is with so much promise for growth and potential to benefit both nations. Based on this blueprint, Waton Brokers is committed to making its own contributions by building a community with sustainable influence where individuals and groups with common ideals and beliefs gather.

Waton Brokers offers simple online investment approaches on a safe premise. And it aims at becoming a Hong Kong-based comprehensive financial holding group which provides high-quality global investment channels for millions of clients both home and abroad within 5 years.

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