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How Safe Is Morocco for Travel in 2020?

Morocco-travel - How Safe Is Morocco for Travel in 2020?

I have a question. Why thousands of travelers from other countries visited Morocco only in 2019? This is because they found it the safest place. I myself with my family visited two years ago and now planning for the Easter Holidays in Morocco. There are some threats you can have anywhere in the world but that doesn’t mean you should avoid all the world. Continue exploring the world.

Some Safety Aspects For Trip to Morocco:

These are some of the top aspects you can follow to have a safe journey to Morocco. I’m again stressing, that there is no threat in Morocco. You just have to take measures to make it safer.

Morocco-travel - How Safe Is Morocco for Travel in 2020?

Be Active, Be Careful of the Snatchers/ Pocket Pickers:

There is an average or very low street crime in Morocco and snatching comes in that row. If you are intended to visit Morocco, you are going to the safest place, first of all, keep in mind. You just have to be extra conscious about yourself, family and luggage. Roaming in the streets of Marrakech, Casablanca and other major cities is simply safe. If you get into some trouble, like if you see someone chasing you or near to attack, or snatch your purse or mobile, leave that place as early as possible.

Are Taxis and Public Transport Safe?

In Morocco, it is a rare case when someone gets in trouble with taxis or public transport. If you want to travel local or on taxis, you are safe. Just be in some shield or limits, keep an eye on everyone around and take your care. Taxi drivers sometimes can make you in trouble. Just decide the fair first, or if the taxi is on a meter, you have to check the meter in advance and then will book. The better is to travel through Careem or Uber in Morocco. Travelers use Careem mostly when they are in Marrakech.

Is Morocco a land of Terrorism?

No, There is a zero threat in Morocco if we talk about the terrorist attacks. There was an attack in 2011, after that there is a frequent period of peace. The Moroccan government, especially law enforcement agencies are making peace sure in Morocco. Peaceful Morocco encourages tourism in the country, thousands of travelers visit holiday destinations in the country per anum. If you see Morocco fits your needs of Easter or Festive Summer or winter/Christmas Holidays, you should not waste your time to book with the cheap packages the airlines and the travel companies are providing in the UK.

Is Morocco a land of Scammers?

Not actually, but I have listened to many of the travelers complaining to be scammed in the markets of Morocco. If you are intended to visit Morocco in your next Holidays, just keep yourself aware of the Carpet Scammers, ATM card Scammers Taxi Scammers and others. It is a common thing you can face on the roads of the United States, even in Europe too.

But how to avoid and don’t allow anyone to spoil your holidays is a matter of concern. Don’t worry, Moroccan people are equally friendly and welcoming to the tourists in their country. Just be with the people you feel safe.

Solo Traveling For Women?

So What if you are a solo female traveler? Of course, you can visit Morocco with much confident. I have talked to many of the solo female travelers who visited the place and safely reached back home. You will have to face rare issues. Like people in Morocco mostly Chase the female travelers in town, so avoid them and be with some local guide would make you safe.

Dress yourself like there is a normal in Morocco. You will be welcomed and accepted as a family member. I guess there is a thing which we call the cultural gap. So fill that gap to make your trip simpler safer and comfortable. Morocco is safe for women travelers.

Is Morocco a Family-Friendly Place?

Of course, it is. I visited Morocco with my family and we really felt so safe there. The things you need to take care of our common everywhere. Be with your kids, don’t rely on any stranger to take care of your kids in Morocco. If you are in Bazar, hold your kids in your arms or cater to them  very actively. Kidnapping is not normal in Morocco but do you want to try? Of course, you would not. So take care of your kids in Markets, or anywhere there is a lot of rush.

Don’t allow your kids to go near water if on the beaches, play with them, don’t let them alone. Sleep with your kids because you are not at home. To keep all things in mind actively, Morocco is a safe and stunning place for your kids.

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