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How Rich People Make Their Own Luck

rich-people-luck - How Rich People Make Their Own Luck

Ever wondered how some rich people manage to keep afloat the top of their games and make their own luck? Just as CasinonSvenska for gambling games stands unparalleled among lots of many others in the world of electronic gambling games. It boasts of a wide variety of classic gaming machines and top gambling games that have helped many players to make lots of money. We would be looking at some major players that have taken advantage of the growing gambling nation and becoming rich:

  1. Victor Chandler (BetVictor): Popularly called the “gentleman bookmaker”, is among the first people to explore gambling online – mostly poker and gambling den (casino). In the year 1975, he succeeded his father in the gambling merchandise, which was initially located in the UK. BetVictor was relocated in the year 1999 to a new place called Gibraltar where he would surprisingly sell a portrait for 4 million GBP in 2006. Currently, Chandler can boast of lots of employees – minimum 400 – which makes them the major employer on the island. He now accepts wagers from different sports including football and gamblers can now place a bet with paying tax.
  1. The Coates Family (Bet365): Pathfinder Peter Coates in conjunction with his daughter Denise and son John founded the bet365, which has emerged as one of the most successful companies in Great Britain. The trio started the company in Stoke Portakabin in the year 2000 just after 74-year-old Peter earned the position of Majority holder in the Stoke City Football club. Rising from just a small betting platform based in Stoke to a successful company with solid betting shops worth GBP 40m in 2005.
  1. Avi and Aaron Shaked (888 Holdings)

While participating in a dentist’s seminar taking place in one of the monumental casinos called Monte Carlo located in Monaco, Aaron Shaked got inspired with an idea, which would soon include him among the pioneers of the online casino. He collaborated with Avi, who is his brother and also with Shay and Ron Ben-Yitzhak who were also brothers. They created a company called Virtual Holdings Limited in 1997, which was later renamed 888 Holdings. In the year 2005, Shaked brothers sold their shares that worths a whopping sum of 95 million GBP. In the year 2010, Aaron kicked the bucket and Avi had to mortgage their home to fund the company. Together with the Ben-Yitzhak Family, both families hold a majority of the company.

The top dog’s stated above have created so much wealth that will last for a very long time even for their next generation. Are you interested in becoming like one of these top dogs? Well, CasinonSvenska is here for you!

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