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Effective use of high quality raw material in the manufacture of sheet masks

 - Effective use of high quality raw material in the manufacture of sheet masks

The sheet masks are basically face-shaped fabrics of sheet that are soaked in the nutrition packed solution known as serum. This sheet is manufactured using different types of materials that includes fibers, gels or papers. The beauty facial masks are usually used only once and these masks are individually packaged which makes them convenient, easy and fast to use. The sheet masks are completely soaked in the solution of concentrated serum and it consists of various beneficial ingredients for skin like vitamins and hyaluronic acid. The face mask sheet helps in preventing rapid evaporation of water phase and this leads to the extension of time-frame in which the ingredients penetrate deep within the skin.

There are various manufacturers of sheet masks in the market and they use different production techniques or sheet mask raw material in the manufacture of their products. If you are looking to purchase a sheet mask for the beautification and improvement of your face skin then it makes sense to buy a product from a company that is well-known in the industry for its efficiency and reliability. The Suicel is one of the most reliable manufacturer in the market when it comes to sheet face masks. For more information on the efficiency of the raw materials used by the company and its processing you can click here.

Suicel is the home of green and clean production of sheet masks

There are various reasons why you must purchase the face masks manufactured by Suicel.

The company uses eco-friendly and natural cosmetic masks materials for the production of cosmetic sheet masks. The amorphophallus root powder raw material and konjac root powder raw material are some of the main ingredients used by the company in the manufacture of face mask sheets. The Suicel is the founder of the incredibly absorbent field of cosmetic film, which is optimized for the super absorbent components or materials when it comes to water storage, water absorption, foldability, cost performance ratio and permeability. Being the founder of super-absorbent field for cosmetic films, believes in safety, functionality and environmental protection of the materials which is indispensable and equally important.

The cosmetic film substrate used by Suicel

 - Effective use of high quality raw material in the manufacture of sheet masks

The company makes use of the super absorbent cavernous membrane for maximum efficiency. Similar to sponge porous structure, each Sq m. of the super absorbent cavernous membrane, has thousands of channels and pores. The membrane can store additional essences and it has got the feature of timely release of nutrients and water, which ensures that the membrane can deliver serum continuously to the skin. The membrane can store and absorb aqueous solution which is approximately about 19 to 40 times of its weight.

The film substrate is manufactured from the terrestrial and natural marine plants, which is environment friendly but can be degraded quickly.  Besides this the substrate has high water locking, storage and absorption properties which makes it extremely appealing. The substrate can absorb approximately 40 times of the weight of its own weight plus there are about one hundred thousand essence microcapsules, similar to sponge, in each of the mask. The microcapsule essence is constantly transported to skin and the retention time for moisture can be increased up to numerous hours.

The use of this material also provides tender, crystal clear and long-lasting moisture. The dry and cold mask made from injection essence is manufactured through drying and condensation technology. It can be thoroughly and quickly restored to be tender and crystal clear.  

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