A progressive die is a specialized tool used in the stamping and forming of sheet metal and other materials in the manufacturing of parts. It is a die set that is mounted onto a stamping press and performs multiple operations in one cycle. Progressive dies consist of several stages, each stage performing one or more operations until the desired shape is obtained.

What are the advantages of using a progressive die?

  • Improved Product Quality: The progressive die provides a precise and consistent product quality every time, due to the precise alignment of the stamping components.
  • Cost Savings: It eliminates the need for multiple operations and costly secondary finishing.
  • Increased Efficiency: Progressive dies allow for higher production rates compared to traditional stamping processes.
  • Improved Safety: Automation of the progressive die reduces the risk of injury to operators when compared to manual die-making processes.
  • Reduced Waste: The progressive die limits scrap because it ensures that only the right materials are used in each operation.
  • Flexibility: The progressive die is well-suited for multiple part production, since it is easily reconfigured for different operations.

Progressive die suppliers in China have emerged as a major global force in the metal fabrication industry. Progressive die suppliers in China offer a wide range of services, from metal fabrication to final product production. They also specialize in creating complex designs and intricate metal parts, providing metal parts to companies around the world.

In order to ensure the quality of metal parts, it is important to choose a reliable and experienced supplier. This article will list the “best 5 progressive die suppliers in China”.

1, Tenral

Website: https://www.tenral.com/

As a leading metal stamping company in China, Telral has an extensive array of cutting-edge equipment. The company primarily produces high-quality metal parts with presses weighing up to 150 tons and hydraulic presses weighing up to 200 tons. As a result of the ISO9001 standard, their engineers craft metal stamping products tailored to meet the customer’s requirements, thickness, and production characteristics based on the customer’s requirements.

2, Dongguan Xinchuan Sheet Metal Co., Ltd.

Website: https://dgxc.en.alibaba.com/

In 2010, the company was founded and began operating in 2014. Besides the 9,800 square meters of factory space, we have nearly 100 technicians (engineering technology, 3D printing, CNC machining, laser cutting, CNC bending, rapid prototyping, quality engineering) who are well-trained, have extensive experience, and have extensive equipment and technical expertise. Delivered products that are of high quality and customer-friendly! For a long time, the company has been training high-quality and innovative professionals, equipped with comprehensive knowledge, excellent communication and cooperation skills, and capable of understanding deeply and accurately the needs of the customer when designing and producing products. With rigorous work processes and extensive practical experience, the company has developed products and services of the highest quality.

3, Xiamen Qiangsheng Industry And Trade Co., Ltd.

Website: https://xmqsgm.en.alibaba.com/

Their goal is to offer one-stop services for all of your projects and to reduce your customers’ total costs: Having been in business for over 30 years, they possess a wide range of processing capabilities that enable them to provide the most cost-effective solutions. They can provide the quickest and most economical delivery services due to Xiamen Port’s geographical advantage and abundance of transportation methods.

4, Ningbo Yinzhou Sylue Machine Co., Ltd.

Website: https://sylue.en.alibaba.com/

The factory occupies 5000 square meters, has CNC machining workshops, casting workshops, stamping workshops, forging workshops, and 25 CNC machines. SYLUE manufactures precision parts through CNC machines, machining centers, stamping machines, and deep drawing machines.

5, Xiamen Fuhongzhou Machinery Co., Ltd.

Website: https://fuhongzhouboat.en.alibaba.com/

FHZ Machinery Co., LTD. has manufactured mechanical products for over 20 years, and is noted for its commitment to design machining, 3 axis, 4 axis, 5 axis CNC turn milling, sheet metal, stamping, laser, bending, precision castings, sand castings, die castings, die castings, forgings, and other industries. Skill, experience, and consummate skill make up the sum total!