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Best 5 plastic injection mold design service factories China 2023

 - Best 5 plastic injection mold design service factories China 2023

The plastic injection mold factory should know

The development of injection molds and the manufacture of the parts that are produced can be challenging even for the most experienced of product manufacturers. In some cases, product designers may have little experience working with plastics or may even be managing the design of a product that requires advance consultation from experts.

As a result, you and your injection molder should strive to achieve the most appropriate mold for the type of plastic, the geometry and finish of the part, the desired cycle time, production volume, and, of course, the highest level of cost effectiveness we can achieve.

There are so many variables in plastic injection molding that it is hard to know where to start? These are the most important things every plastic injection molding manufacturer should know about it.

Pricing Factors

As one of the most common methods of producing plastic parts at a reasonable cost and with a wide range of materials available, injection molding has become one of the most commonly used methods. There is often a high rate of output generated by this oftentimes fully-automated process, which is usually much more economical than alternative production methods.

Mold Price Factors

Design Strategy: It is extremely important that you understand the end use of your part as well as the volume, complexity, tolerances, surface finish, gating and molding material requirements so that your injection molder partner can determine the most appropriate and cost-effective solution for you to achieve.
Mold Size: Generally, larger parts require larger molds, which will increase their cost. Nevertheless, there are ways to reduce cost by optimizing the mold and part design. The cost of injection molded parts may also be reduced when the material feed system of a part is properly sized.
Onshore vs. Offshore: Although there are some common misconceptions regarding offshore mold production and cost savings, offshore mold production doesn’t necessarily result in a reduction in time or mold / part costs in the long run.

In addition to the fact that molds made in the United States are generally of better quality, sometimes the government requires that tooling be designed and built in the United States as well.

It is essential to work with a reputable injection molder who you can establish a trusting relationship with when you have a challenging mold build so that you can save time and money over the lifespan of the mold and the part. In addition to multiple cavities, moveable mold components, thin walls, complex textures, restrictions on gating, tight tolerances, and many other challenging factors, challenging builds can also include multiple cavities, moveable mold components, thin walls, complex textures, and more.

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Best 5 plastic injection mold design service factories China 2023

1, winwinmold plastic injection mold design service factory


WIN WIN MOLD is a very professional plastic injection mold manufacturer located in Shenzhen of China. After 15+ years of development, it has grown into a company that provides a complete “turn key” service to its customers, starting from product design to prototyping, mold design to mold making to mold production, etc. As well as designing and manufacturing plastic injection moldings, they specialize in this field.
Business policy – long-term planning and short-term goals for achieving “shared growth and achievements ”.
Quality policy – control of the environment, excellence, continuous improvement, customer satisfaction.
Quality objective – achieve zero defects in products, and exceed 99% customer satisfaction.

2, Zetar Industry Co., Limited


Zetar Industry Co.,Limited is a company that specializes in plastic injection molds and molding services since its inception in 1979, and has continuously been doing so since then.

With a professional engineering team that consists of more than five engineers who are familiar with the development of plastic injection molds, the injection molding processes, as well as the metal stamping process, they are able to provide their clients with high quality products.

3, Guangzhou Haoshun Mold Tech Co., Ltd.


Haoshun Mold Tech was established in 2007, and has been ISO9001 certified since 2007. It is one of China’s leading prototyping, tooling, and plastic injection molding manufacturers.

In addition to prototyping, tooling, injection molding, low volume production, and surface finishing, they can access a wide range of services. Our goal at Haoshun is to meet your needs with high quality and services within a short lead time as per your requirements so that you can develop customized products and create value.

The Haoshun factory, which occupies an area of 5,000m2, has over 100 skilled employees and an array of advanced equipment. The company offers 3axis, 4axis, and 5axis CNC machines, 3D printing machines, injection machines, and a variety of other processing equipment to meet your ever-increasing needs.

4, Xiamen Goldcattle Plastic & Metal Products Co., Ltd.


Their company was established in 1995 as a high-tech enterprise of national rank, specializing in highly precise machining, injection, and stamping parts. They have been in business for 22 years, have a good reputation, have highly skilled employees and advanced production equipment, so they can provide their customers with a one-stop shop from design to delivery. With the principle of “high-quality, efficiency, honesty and service”, the aim of “sustainable operations, customers first”, and the good attitude of working and serving the customers, they look forward to establishing long-term, mutually beneficial business relationships with clients around the world.

5,  Guangzhou Engineering Plastics Industries (Group) Co., Ltd.


This company, Guangzhou Engineering Plastics Industries, is a joint venture that integrates manufacture, sales, design, and process into one. The company manufactures engineering plastics and plastic parts. It is a joint venture that integrates manufacturing, sales, design, and manufacturing processes. Besides the company’s advanced technology, it owns a comprehensive range of imported manufacturing machines, CNC machining machines, and advanced process tools.

The company began its operations by designing and developing plastic products itself, occupying a number of domestic brand machine equipment factories and end users substituting their products for similar imported products in the market, as they occupied several domestic brand machine equipment factories. We have expanded business to the West, South East Asia, Middle East, Africa, and Hong Kong, Taiwan in the meantime. Their products have gained great reputation among their customers throughout the world.

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