The pig business is a more traditional one that can be found in the provinces, mainly in agricultural areas, where some families begin making pork in their backyards for their own consumption. However, eventually they expand their facilities or expand their business in larger areas to start a pig farming business. In the Philippine agricultural sector, the pig industry is the second largest economic activity. There has been a steady growth in domestic pork production in the past few years, both in backyards and on modern commercial farms.

What do you need to take care of pigs?

In order to be healthy, pigs require a dry bed as well as protection from extreme temperatures and sunburns. There are some minimum requirements for space, fresh air, hygiene, access to feed and water, and accommodation, which should not predispose the pigs to illness or injury.

Pig farmers all know that the microclimate in the pig house needs to remain stable without being affected by external temperature changes, which is why heating and ventilating & cooling equipment is so important for the pig house in order to ensure that pigs produce high quality products. It is also important to keep the pig house clean at all times as well as to clean and disinfect the pig feeders on a regular basis.

You are in the right place if you are in search of manufacturers and suppliers of Pig breeding equipment.

Listed below are five of the best breeding equipment suppliers for pig farms in 2022:



Over the past ten years, Shengrui has been committed to independent research and innovation in pig breeding equipment, starting with a single line of pig breeding equipment in 2012. Since 2012, Shengrui has been manufacturing pig equipment. Over 20 countries in the world are served by the company’s pig breeding products, which can be found in over 20 countries around the world.

The company has developed a series of products that have their own intellectual property rights since the technology for breeding pigs has advanced over the past few centuries throughout the world. This company has designed the products to fit the domestic market under the condition that the original key equipment for the domestic market was blank, so that they can cater to the needs of the domestic pig farms.



From 1938, Big Dutchman has designed and manufactured feeding systems and housing equipment for modern pig and poultry production. Their solutions are practical, economical, and eco-friendly.

For you to be successful, they provide you with the products to enable you to produce your high-protein foods commercially – because they want you to be successful. If you want to operate economically, automation and cost-conscious management are fundamental prerequisites.

Big Dutchman is the recognised market leader in the entire industry. They offer our products across five continents and in more than 100 different countries. They are known for providing high-quality products, rapid service, and unmatched expertise. As a result of their innovations, livestock management has been significantly impacted and will continue to be impacted for many years to come.



Throughout the last 50 years, they have been passionate about “farming” and they have gone to great lengths to help livestock farmers. The motto Passion for farming explains what their firm is about. As a result, they continually develop products and services that allow farmers to “improve farming” so that they can “improve farming” with the assistance of their 350 employees, 10,000 products and 12 offices. As a result of this, Schippers holds a strong position on the international market today. As the company has grown over the past few years, they have realized that the opportunities available to them are truly unprecedented. They are more ambitious than ever and have deployed every technique they can to help their farmers farm even better.



In 1995, Growfeeder was launched. Since then, they have grown into a specialist in stainless steel barn equipment and related products and parts. Growfeeder is now well-recognized at home as well as abroad as a leading manufacturer of stainless steel barn equipment and parts.

As a specialist in stainless steel products for the agricultural sector, Growfeeder offers a wide range of stainless steel barn equipment as well as related products to dealers and representatives with pig farming as the final destination.



The Rovinalti Company is an Italian manufacturer of dairy machine products, equipment and systems. It is well known for its brand name.

As the core business of Rovinalti is designing and constructing dairy processing machinery, equipment, and systems, most processes are performed with various types of stainless steel, including food-grade stainless steel, which is particularly well suited for use in food-related environments.