Dogs can suffer from carpal injuries just like people, and as such, they need the same kind of treatments to help reduce pain and improve mobility. One such form of treatment for dogs’ carpal braces. These braces are designed specifically for dogs, and there is a wide range of options available depending on the type of injury your pet may have suffered.

Dog carpal braces provide support to the injured area by limiting motion, which helps prevents further damage and can help healing occur faster. The braces also keep the affected area from bending excessively and helping relieve discomfort. The brace fits snugly around the dog’s wrist or elbow, and should be replaced as needed when it wears out.

In addition to providing necessary support, carpal braces can also help with rehabilitation. This means that the brace can provide stability while the dog performs specific stretches and exercises designed to strengthen muscles weakened by an injury. Strengthening these weak muscles can help the dog return to its normal activity level more quickly.

Carpal braces do not cure the underlying problem causing the injury, nor will they make the injury heal faster. However, by reducing painful pressure and helping to speed up recovery time, braces can help your dog get back to being their active, happy self sooner.

Of course, the best plan of action is still to visit your veterinarian first if your pup seems to be having problems with their wrist or elbow. They can assess the injury and recommend the most appropriate plan of action. If carpal braces are determined necessary, then the vet can provide more information about which type is best for you and your pet.

No matter what, though, please remember to take good care of your pup and provide them with the support they need during their healing period.

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1, Crawlpaw


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2, Ortocanis


Ortocanis is more than just a company. It is more than a dream. It is a passion. A dream to promote the respect for animals.

In the development of every support, orthosis or harness there is a whole process that takes place that involves engineers, orthopedists, veterinarians, and experienced handlers who have experience working with dogs with reduced mobility who are part of the design team.

Since 2009, their efforts have been focused on developing, disseminating, and distributing some of the most advanced veterinary technical aids that Europe has to offer.

3, Orthovet


It was founded in 1997 by OrthoVet, LLC with the aim of providing solutions for safe and effective rehabilitation of soft tissue, tendon and bone injuries in companion pets (Cats and Dogs). This company is specialized in designing, manufacturing and marketing splinting products designed for the rehabilitation of lower leg, ankle and foot injuries in companion pets.

4, Handicappedpets


This company was founded in memory of Mercedes, the Keeshond puppy that was put to sleep at the veterinarian’s advice after she was diagnosed with a mild form of epilepsy in her canine body. Years later, a dear friend was diagnosed with a mild form of epilepsy for which she takes a pill every now and then to completely eliminate all symptoms associated with the condition.

In an effort to address the disparity between the two reactions to the same disease, this company was foundes to provide caretakers with the information and products they need to make the difficult, loving decisions they have to make.

5, Aquapaws


The Animal Rehabilitation Clinic at their clinic now offers several animal rehabilitation therapies all under one roof to make them a one-stop shop for all your animal rehabilitation needs!

In order to offer a unique service to their clients and referring veterinarians, they work in close partnership with referring veterinary surgeons, providing assessment and recommendations for the appropriate treatment of muscular, skeletal and neurological injuries to animals, as well as behavioral disorders.