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Best 5 laser ranging modules companies 2022

 - Best 5 laser ranging modules companies 2022

Laser rangefinders are typically used by professionals in their day-to-day work because they enable fast distance measurements and other spatial measurements.

Why should you use a laser rangefinder?

A laser rangefinder is the most functional and technologically advanced measurement tool compared to an optical or ultrasonic rangefinder. In addition to their extremely precise measurements (+/- 1-5 mm per km), they can only be used by one individual. At construction sites and in large open spaces, optical rangefinders require at least two people to take precise distance measurements. Thus, laser rangefinders simplify measurement processes and reduce staffing requirements.

In addition, laser rangefinders are less likely to cause errors in measurement due to incorrect tool positioning and operator mistakes. Moreover, most professional laser rangefinders are equipped with electronic alignment aids, automatic calibration features, and the ability to take measurements using the Pythagorean equation or the “painter” feature. A continuous measurement, a delay measurement, a surface sum or difference measurement, and a volume measurement can also be performed with these tools. Enhanced processors and clear displays of measurement results installed in laser rangefinders make them more useful and functional, as well as more comfortable to use on a daily basis.

How do you choose the right laser rangefinder?

A device’s design and technical parameters should fit the industry, type of measurements, and terrain and weather conditions in which it will be used. If you’re measuring construction sites or facilities, you need a specific rangefinder, and if you’re measuring long distances in agriculture, forestry, or power, you need a different one.

Operating range
Every laser rangefinder has an operating range, which is one of the most important parameters.

Measurement accuracy
As important as a laser rangefinder’s operating range is its measurement accuracy. The most advanced laser rangefinders, such as the EXTECH DT40M, measure with an extremely precise tolerance of 1–2 mm, whereas most short and medium rangefinders have a 5 mm tolerance.

Laser dot diameter
Laser dots have a different diameter depending on their distance from and the type of object they are measured on. For example, wet plaster will make a laser dot much less visible than old brick walls or concrete underlayment. Laser rangefinders typically have laser dots with a diameter between 6 and 60 mm. When performing measurements that require prolonged observation of the laser dot, we recommend wearing high contrast glasses.

Minimum unit displayed
It is directly related to the precision of a measurement device. The lower the minimum unit displayed, the higher the measurement precision. The most precise laser rangefinders display measurement results in a resolution of 0.1 millimeters.

IP degree of protection
It is crucial to choose a laser rangefinder with an IP rating that is waterproof and dust-resistant when using it in the field. For construction work, it is best to choose one that is waterproof and dust-resistant. This will lower the risk of damaging the device in transport and while taking measurements in highly duty or moist environments, as well as during precipitation. IP54 or higher is the rating of the highest quality professional laser rangefinders.

Best 5 laser ranging modules companies

Below we have listed the best 5 laser ranging modules companies 2022.

1, Erdilaser laser ranging modules company


Erdi Laser Ltd is located in Chengdu High-tech Zone, Sichuan, China in the Industrial Park of Chengdu High-tech Zone. In addition to 1535nm erbium glass, it develops small/miniature laser systems of high power and reliability, laser signal detection systems, laser signal amplification technologies, and related range and photometry technologies. In the optoelectronic field, a laser core device manufacturer specializing in research and development, production, and intelligent manufacturing of laser systems and laser core devices can independently produce all optical, mechanical, and electrical design, R&D, and manufacturing processes, as well as ensuring high product quality and perfection by providing mature technology support throughout the entire production chain. In addition to securing dozens of patents, our company has also acquired ISO9001 quality system certifications, 3AAA honesty and credibility certifications, European CE certifications, and American FDA certifications as part of its technical services. An extensive service system and a partnership have been established.

2, Sanhe Laserconn Tech Co., Ltd.


The founders of LaserCONN have been focusing on the high reliability & long life time research of high power diode lasers since 2007, when the company was established in Beijing, China. Now, they are the only company able to provide over 50 million shots of a patent-pending SLD chip diode laser source, which is five times longer than lasers from Israel, Germany and USA and twenty to thirty times longer than lasers from China.

The complete quality control system strictly meets ISO13485 at Laserconn’s facility, which is home to two class 100k clean rooms.

3, Nanjing MetaLaser Photonics Co., Ltd.


Founded in 1994, Metalaser has been involved in the industry of crystals for over twenty years. This is a section of Shanghai Daheng Optics and Fine Mechanics Co., Ltd held by SIOM. More than 60% of their employees are physics or material scientists from NIALT and SIOM.

4, Elite Optoelectronics Co., Ltd.


Elite Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. manufactures, supplies, and provides laser modules around the world. Their product line includes high stability & low noise lasers, uniform line lasers, DOE lasers, industrial laser modules, and DPSS lasers, which are widely used in biological detection instruments and medical equipment, machine vision, 3D scanning, military collimators, material processing, life science, and industrial equipment provides high-quality OEM&ODM laser diode modules covering the wavelength range of 375 nm-980 nm, visible light ranges up to 1000mW, and in the range of 780 nm-980 nm range up to 10W. Certifications include ISO 9001, CE, FDA, IEC, GB, and others. The products and services they provide to their customers are of high quality, reliable, and consistent.

5, Shenzhen Xinghuan Trade Co., Ltd.


As an integrated enterprise, Shenzhen Xinghuan Trade Co., Ltd. specializes in the design, development, and manufacturing of the NEJE DIY USB Laser Engraver Printer since 2013. The factory covers over 5000 square metres with five senior product engineers in charge of new research and development.  

The company’s headquarters are located in Shenzhen, China, and they have their own production line and distribution network, as well as a strong technical background. They have 3 domestic and foreign invention patents, 30 utility model patents, 28 design patents, and a number of other certificates. All their products have passed CE, ROHS, FCC, UL, FDA, and SDS certifications. They are certified by ISO9001 quality system and ISO140001 environmental management system as well.

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