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Best 5 knee brace for dogs suppliers China 2023

 - Best 5 knee brace for dogs suppliers China 2023

Dog owners know how painful and heartbreaking it can be to watch their dog suffer from knee pain or difficulty. It is very likely that you have encountered this situation at some point in your life. We have all seen our dogs suffering from knee injuries such as arthritis or an ACL, but unfortunately, we do not pay enough attention to it.

Now the time has come for you to take a step forward to combat your dog’s knee injury. It is said that dogs suffer from knee injuries when they are old or during their infant years. You need to protect your dog’s knee from injuries by wearing the right gear in order to prevent them. A knee brace is one of the best ways to prevent your dog from suffering a knee injury.

Benefits of Dog Knee Brace

  1. If you provide the knee brace at the right time, your dog may not require any surgery.
  2. When your dog is recovering from surgery, these knee braces make the process easier.
  3. Providing knee braces to your dog will result in their energetic, and agile behavior, which is one of the best benefits.

Best 5 knee brace for dogs suppliers China 2023

1, Lovepluspet


Lovepluspet has been in business since 2021 and provides customers with a full range of services with a sincere attitude to make you and your pets feel the most loved of all. Their mission is to hold plus love to choose the best products for your friends. At their shop, you will find high quality products at affordable prices.

LOVEPLUSPET offers a wide range of bracings to solve your pet’s mobility problems. Some knee braces are used as rehabilitation after surgery. Physical trauma, hip dysplasia, and even old age can affect your pet’s mobility. If your pet has a mild knee injury, some knee braces may be an alternative to surgery.

2, Shijiazhuang Runyi Medical Device Technology Co., Ltd.


In 2015, Runyi Medical Device Technology Co., Ltd. was established in Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province, China, in the heart of this beautiful region. They have been manufacturing and exporting medical and fitness products since the late 1980s. Their products include waist supports, knee supports, shoulder supports, posture correction devices, pregnancy belts, and fitness shaping devices.

They export their products to more than 50 countries around the world, including the United States, Europe, Australia, Canada, Japan, Korea, South America, and the Pacific Islands. Their factory is 3,000 square meters in size, and they employ more than 200 people, and they generate a sales volume of 20 million dollars annually.

3, Shijiazhuang Aofeite Imp & Exp Co., Ltd.


This company, located in the city of Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province, specializes in design, production, and marketing as a comprehensive trading company. With their company located in the Yuhua District of Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province, they have convenient transportation, excellent information, and a beautiful environment all at once.

In their company, they primarily import and export corsets, waist circumference supplies, medical abdominal belts, medical crutches, limb fixers, limb splints, bandages, and traction fixers, among other things. The company is characterized by the fact that it offers a wide variety of products at affordable prices, and it has a strong reputation for exporting to Europe, America, Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Japan and South Korea among other countries and regions as well.

4, Hengshui Jingkang Medical Device Co., Ltd.


The Jingkang Medical Instrument Co., Ltd. manufactures medical device devices in the area of Anping County in Hebei Province. Their company specializes in orthopedics and healthcare products, including lumbar supports, waist belts, tourmaline magnetic thermal wraps, maternity support belts, abdominal recovery belt wraps, cervical traction, medical inflatable air cushions, and medical crutches. Besides being FDA and CE approved, their products are also available. Their products are primarily exported to Europe, the United States, Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Japan, Korea, and other countries and regions. Custom orders are one of their specialties. They can produce products with your logo and color box.

5, Zhejiang Fele Sports Co., Ltd.


The company has its headquarters in Hangzhou, the Paradise of China, and manufactures and sells sports body protectors and sports socks, along with sophisticated knitting and hosiery design machines. It has been in business for over 40 years and has 150 knitting machines. It also makes 96N, 120N, 144N, 168N, 200N, and 84N single cylinders and 144N and 168N double cylinders. Each year, the company produces about 9 million pairs, and its sales volume is about U5D100 million.

Besides Japanese, Korean, Canadian, British, Italian, USA, and Spanish customers, the company has established excellent business relationships. In addition to having extensive export experience, high quality products, competitive prices, exceptional customer service, and on-time delivery, they are confident they can meet your needs.

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