Crossdressing has become an increasingly visible and accepted practice in recent years, thanks to the tireless work of the LGBTQ+ community in advocating for gender expression rights. For those who partake in this practice, finding clothing that fits and suits their bodies can be a frustrating experience, due to the lack of options available in traditional retail outlets. This is where crossdresser shops come into play.

Crossdresser shops cater specifically to individuals who crossdress, providing them with a wide variety of options for clothing, lingerie, shoes, and other accessories. Some even offer specialized items such as breast forms or hip padding to create a more feminine silhouette. These shops offer a sense of comfort and safety; customers can shop without fear of judgement or discrimination from staff or other shoppers.

By providing these services, crossdresser shops are helping to make crossdressing a more accessible and normalized practice. In addition, they serve as a reminder that clothing does not need to be gendered – anyone can wear whatever makes them feel comfortable and confident. Overall, crossdresser shops are an important resource for people looking to express themselves through fashion in a safe and inclusive environment.

In this post, I have selected the best online shopping sites for transgender and crossdressers – including 5 online transgender and crossdressing stores that sell clothing, lingerie, shoes, breast forms, makeup, and more.

Despite the fact that I included many stores specifically for transgender women and crossdressers, you don’t have to limit yourself to them. There are also lots of mass market sites that offer amazing purchases for your female self.

1, Thecrossdresserstore


Crossdresser Stores are known for providing high quality products for crossdressers and transgenders. In the Crossdresser Store, you’ll find a wide range of crossdresser and transgender products. They believe in offering an almost corporate experience for their customers while keeping things a bit naughty too! By keeping costs down, they are able to keep your final price down. They are extremely proud to be an “online only” store, so you can add fun to your sexy life with new ways of displaying it. There are usually discrete cartons or bags in which the items are shipped that have been prepayed in advance.

Silicone Masks

Silicone Panties

2,  Glamourboutique


This store serves the transgender community as well as the crossdresser community. In addition to silicone breast forms, padded panties, wigs for transgender girls, gaffs, adhesives for breast forms, makeup, sissy wear, large ladies shoes and their own brand clothing for crossdressers, they also have a large store where you can find everything you need in one place. Having their own designers, they manufacture corsets and dresses for men so that you are assured that your feminine transformation will be the best.

Sheer Pocket Jiggle Breast Form Bra

Sheer Pocket Jiggle Bra

3, Thebreastformstore


Located in Los Angeles, California, The Breast Form Store has a long history of serving exclusively the transgender, crossdressing, and gender-expressive communities.

Since 1993, they have been helping members of the transgender and crossdressing communities choose the perfect breast forms and other products designed specifically for them. They are a family owned company that was founded in 1989. Their success can be attributed to their commitment to fairness, honesty, discretion, and privacy in the transgender and crossdressing communities. Since 1993, they have been trusted by the community.

Gold Seal NAKED Janet Silicone Female Mask

FTM Short Chest Compression Binder Tank

4, Enfemmestyle


Their company began over 25 years ago trying to help people who had been assigned male at birth find products that expressed their femininity. Initially, we started with a catalog and later on, a website dedicated to those who needed specialized clothing and products to show their true selves.

They have emerged over the years as a ready-to-wear fashion brand that is open and out there, empowering those assigned male at birth who wish to express the feminine side of themselves and feel confident and secure about who they are. As you have evolved,they have also evolved – now they are the leading transfeminine and gender non-conforming brand dedicated to those who identify as women.



5, Xdress


Xdress was founded in 1985, when two of Body Aware’s co-founders, David and Kristina, a chance squash game between them in Guangzhou, China, led to the creation of Body Aware, which is now known as Body Aware. This relationship led to the groundbreaking idea that men’s underwear could not be white, ugly, or unattractive as it used to be.

Xdress offers a range of lingerie and underwear for men who enjoy wearing women’s underwear. Their products are aimed at providing comfort and style for crossdressers who are looking for something different than mainstream brands. To suit any taste, they offer a wide range of colors, styles, and sizes.