The Photomaton mirror, also known as the mirror photo booth, is a type of photo booth that has gained significant popularity in recent years. It is essentially a mirror with an integrated camera and lighting system that allows users to take photos and selfies. The mirror photo booth has become a popular attraction at events such as weddings, corporate events, birthday parties, and other social gatherings.

One of the primary reasons why the Photomaton mirror has become so popular is its ease of use. Unlike traditional photo booths, which can be bulky and difficult to operate, the mirror photo booth is lightweight, portable, and simple to use. Users stand in front of the mirror and use touch technology to activate the camera and lighting system. They can then take multiple photos and print them out on the spot.

Another reason for the popularity of the Photomaton mirror is its versatility. It can be customized to fit the theme of any event, from a beach party to a winter wonderland-themed gathering. Users can choose from a variety of backdrops, props, and accessories to enhance their photos and create unique memories.

Overall, the Photomaton mirror is a fun, innovative way to capture memories at any event. Its simplicity, versatility, and customizability make it a hit with people of all ages and backgrounds. It is sure to remain a popular attraction at events for years to come.

Here are the best 5 china’s photomaton mirror suppliers for 2023:

1, Ebayartech


With the kiosk, you can print Polaroid pictures using Instagram pictures. It was specifically developed for use in retail environments.

As well as enhancing the social media footprint of these venues, the Mirror photobooth helps retailers and retail environments retain footfall and dwell times. They enhance their social media presence as well as footfall and dwell times in these venues by using these photobooths.

2, Shenzhen Eagle Technology Co., Ltd.


Eagle Technology Co., Ltd was established in 2017 as a manufacturer and exporter specializing in photo booths. They have unique designs and patents for 360 photo booths, mirror photo booths, self-portrait mirrors, events photo booths, and magic mirror booths, among others. All of their products have passed international quality standards, including CE, RoHS, and FCC. They possess a powerful and energetic team, 24 hour professional customer service, and an engineer who leads our production line with 23 years of experience.

3, Guangzhou Reyeah Technology Co., Ltd.


As a smart unmanned retail terminal software and hardware company, the company was founded in 2011 with the focus of design, research, development, production, sales, and OEM/ODM services. In 2016, it entered a high-tech warehouse owned by Guangzhou Science and Technology Innovation Giant. With its research, development, production, and sales of self-service vending machines, it has won certificates for intellectual property management systems and ISO9000 quality management systems, and it has created dozens of independent patents. Smart unmanned retail is the company’s specialty.

4, Shenzhen Wivitouch Technology Co., Ltd.


Founded in 2002, WiViTouch Technology Limited specializes in manufacturing and distributing 4wire resistive touch screen panels and 5wire resistive touch screens. Currently, their products are used in the gaming industry, finance, communication, electricity, transportation, hospitals, estates, travel and government lines, stations, 4S shops, museums, exhibitions, libraries, hotels, and entertainment KTVs. Asia, North America, Africa, the Middle East, Europe, Central and South America, and Oceania are among their markets.

5, Chengdu Tops Technology Co., Ltd.


As a high-tech company that develops, produces, and sells interactive products, the company was founded in 2016. As a professional involved in the research and development, production, and sale of interactive products produced by high-tech enterprises, the company is headquartered in Chengdu, the land of abundance.