3 barrel brewing system: A comprehensive review

Beer Brewery Equipment - 3 barrel brewing system: A comprehensive reviewBeer Brewery Equipment

In today’s world, beer is considered a normal beverage to include in house parties, marriage parties, and so on. But have you ever imagined how this overrated beverage is made? What is the equipment used in making this beverage? To make the finest beer in the current market situation is quite difficult for the factory owners who are producing beer for the entire customers in the market. Competition is absolutely large on a market scale, but to make your product win, you must own the perfect equipment for making those products. For satisfying their customers’ needs, they should prefer a 3- barrel brewing system.

3 barrel brewing system for sale - 3 barrel brewing system: A comprehensive review
3 barrel brewing system for sale

For the beer brewing process, you must need equipment kits, fermenters, sanitizers, brew pots, cleaning systems, grain millers, and much more equipment. But don’t you think the laborers’ work will be easier if there is a 3-barrel brewing system?

●     What is a 3-barrel brewing system?

A 3 barrel brewing system is the perfect combination of various equipment for larger production of brewing products. This system must be flexible and compact. It reduces the time of owners producing delicious brew. It comes in different combinations as well, and it depends on the buyer which combination he prefers the most.

●     Why should one prefer a 3-barrel brewing system over other equipment for crafting delicious brewing?

The 3-barrel brewing systems are designed in such a way that is used for fermenting and brewing the batches of brew. These barrel systems are time reducing. They are very easy to clean. It contains sanitary welded fittings. It also included well-equipped hardware which spends less time in cleaning.

Features of a 3-barrel system

3-barrel system is designed with grist hydrator for rapidly hydrating the brew, a well-maintained agitator for the proper stirring of brewing liquid and frequency drive used for controlling the electric motor by looking after the varying frequency and the amount of voltage supplied to the machine.
The system also contains the lauter tun, which separates the clear liquid and residual grain from the brew. It consists of a 3-process, including mash out, recirculation, and sparging with a false bottom and rake system.

The 3-barrel system includes wort kettle or whirlpool tun, which is used to separate the hop pellets and trub from the brew, which turns into wort after the boiling process.

It also comes with steam jacket heating and tangential entry.

The pumps which are fitted in the machine are customized with ABB motor. Wort grants and hops are fitted in the system, which allows the brew to assess wort ensures sure the clear flow of it.

In multiple large systems, there are multiple lauter tuns and wort grants to determine that all parts of the grains are flowing consistently.

Proper pipelines and valves are connected to the barrel system for the fluent flow of boiled worts.

It also has a stainless steel 304 working platform.

It is designed with a plate heat exchanger, which is used to transfer heat between two fluids for further processing. The transfer of heat increases the speed of processing of fluids. The barrel system contains around 304 or 316 plates for processing.

Almost 20 HL and 40 HL bright beer tanks or fermentation tanks are ideal for the brewing industry, which is generally used for fermenting the liquid or words with the use of stainless steel plates of malted grains, yeast, water and hops.

This tank varies from temperature to other temperature depending upon the beer being produced. Another ideal machine used in beverage production is glycol chillers specializing in refrigeration systems, which include antifreeze.

The food chemical used in this process is propylene glycol. It contains furthermore small machines such as glycol chillers, glycol tanks and glycol pumps. It is specially designed with a CIP system (clean in place). This system is used for the method of cleaning the inner place of pipes, valves, vessels, and filters without causing any disassembling of the fittings.
Manual cleaning of the barrel system is not possible, and it will require a lot of time, but by installing the CIP system time will be reduced and proper cleaning of all the fittings and machines will take place.

3 barrel brewing system for sale - 3 barrel brewing system: A comprehensive review
3 barrel brewing system for sale

The grain milling system is also very important for brewing as sorts of various grains and creates the right particle size of grains for a proper beverage. It includes grain miller, grist case, and flex auger. Keg washers and fillers are compact and customized automatic machines which are used for the treatment of washing and filling of kegs. For more information visit

So for producing the perfect beverage for your events, you must own the 3-barrel equipment to make your work easier and affordable. Even the websites offering this system are providing onsite installments without any risks and providing greater services for further discrepancies.

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